Wednesday, June 29, 2011

for the newcomers...

.... I forgot that some of you might not know my whole story when I wrote #34 on my last post.  For those of you who need to be caught up (or just need a refresher course) check out these posts:

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

34 things....

.... in honor of tearing another page off the calendar of my life, I thought I'd jot down a couple of things I've either learned about life, or discovered about myself on this journey:

1. three small kids ain't all that bad as long as you remember to breathe through the chaotic moments.
2. if you stay really organized it reduces the number of chaotic moments you experience.
3. those chaotic moments make really funny stories later.
4. in order to not just survive, but thrive, you have to see every spare moment that you get to do something just for yourself as a bonus, not a right.
5. humor diffuses all kinds of stressful moments... it can even stop a toddler fit in it's tracks.
6. if you haven't told your husband very specific ways he can help lighten your load, you can't complain (yet)
7. obedience to God's word really is the only way to have a happy life.
8. if I make it a goal to make life as much fun for my kids as possible, life is more fun for all of us.
9. making life fun for the kids also makes them more receptive to the harder lessons in life.
10. when the kids are running wild giving them a sorting job really helps them to settle down.
11. a lot of times, out-of-control kiddos just need that energy directed a bit.
12. as long as the beds are made I feel like the house is clean.
13.  the hours between 1 and 5pm are my favorite time of day.
14.  I believe beer was made for summer.  There is nothing as wonderful as a cold beer on a hot evening.
15. I love, love, love to eat outside and it is my goal to one day own a really nice patio set and eat outside as many times a week as we can.
16. a cookie can never have too many sprinkles or chocolate chips.
17.  dark chocolate is most certainly the nectar of the gods.
18. a fun drink is the fastest way to my heart.
19. my favorite hot drink is a peppermint mocha.
20. my favorite bubbly drink is diet dr. pepper cherry.
21. my favorite adult drink is a gin and tonic.
22. my favorite fruity drink is a Leapin' Lizard from Planet Smoothie.
23. I only drink water because it is good for me.
24. Not only do I love a special drink, but a cool cup makes it taste even better.
25. I am not a shoe gal.  In fact I am painfully practical when it comes to shoes, much to my sister's chagrin I am sure.
26. Not only am I practical about my shoes, I'm not very fashionable at all.
27. I am usually the last to know what it going on and I have no idea how or where people get the info they have.
28. I really hate to talk on the phone.
29. the best advice I think you can give a new mom is to pray, pray, pray about everything (even things like sleep training) and then trust your gut.
30. I am thrilled my oldest seems to enjoy reading as much as I do.
31. I really like having 2 girls and 1 boy.
32.  We never intended to give all of our children "E" names, it just kind of happened.
33. I never thought I'd have a child with a double name.
34. I will forever be so thankful for June 7, 2003!  Without it my husband and children would not have been a possibility.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

freaky, huh?

If it weren't for the obvious 1970's photograph, I'd host a give-away and make you all gues who is who.  Indeed folks, it ain't hard to tell you this kid takes after.  Most people say she is the spittin' image of her daddy until I whip out this picture.


.... that is what I've decided motherhood can summed up as - moments.  Both good and bad, everything is just a moment before it all changes again.  Gone are the leisurely Saturday mornings of hours spent sipping coffee while reading a good book.  Instead they've been replaced with lots of little moments which are so much better.  Moments like when the two big kids are happily entertained with coloring, the baby is napping, your cuppa coffee is still hot (remarkable, really), and you get to blog.  Moments when the house is the exact perfect temperature (very difficult to achieve during an Alabama summer), all 3 children are napping, and you found a diet dr. pepper cherry you didn't know was hiding in the fridge.  Moments such as this morning when the littlest one awakens a full half hour before the other members of the household and you and your beloved get an incredibly rare chance to enjoy just her, all by herself, without the background noise of the bigger kids vying for their fair share of parental affection.

Of course, there are the moments, too, when you've tried to cram in that last errand and you get home at the hottest part of the day, unload 3 hungry children who all happen to be crying, and have to decided who gets fed first.  And you're hungry too because while everyone else got breakfast you were making beds and starting one of 10 loads of laundry scheduled for that day.  And you're pouring sweat because you live in Alabama and it's hot and humid.  And, being hot and hungry, you're desperately close to losing your temper with the first kid who looks at you sideways.  But then you remember to breathe, it's just a moment and it won't take long to get the children inside where it is cool (or at least, cooler), feed them, and everything will be right again.  At least for a moment.  Or the moment that just interrupted the blogging of this post - the moment where you had a show-down, knock-down-drag-out fight with the toddler over a pair of scissors that the preschooler set down for a moment.  Because that's all it takes for a toddler boy to get hold of something he really doesn't need to have - a moment.

Older women keep telling me I'll miss these moments.  And, I believe them on most days.  Treasure the moments, friends.  They are fleeting!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what's not to love...

... about this precious face?

lost in translation....

.... we were listening to an Indelible Grace cd today at lunch and the song "Jesus Cast a Look On Me"  came on.  In true Emory style, she began belting out the song along with Matthew Perryman Jones, only with her own little twist...

"Jesus, I've got a cast on me..."

Just too precious not to record.