Saturday, January 29, 2011

unexpected joys in motherhood....

- finding a pair of socks tucked behind my pillow as I wearily crawl into bed at night
- a rare afternoon nap for me and being awakened with a kiss from the big girl
- smiles when the discovery of a favorite snack is inside a snack-trap
- the countless pacis on my desk, kitchen counter, bedside table, laundry basket, bath tub, etc...
- children's books stacked on my bedside table and far out-numbering the grown-up books
- the happy dance each kid does as they get their one cup of juice for the day upon rising from bed
- hearing the toddler try to keep up as we sing "ABC's" (he just repeats E-F-G over and over)
- seeing the big girl excited by new responsibilities and owning them as hers
- over-hearing the children playing so sweetly and not being allowed to intrude without breaking the spell
- having both kids help me with supper
- smelling a freshly bathed kid and laughing at the crazy post-bath hair
- fielding impatient comments about the impending arrival of a new siblings

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

trash talkin', four-year-old style

One thing of note about our eldest is that she does not fail well.  At all.  In fact, because she didn't answer the phone the "right way" the first time I bestowed the privilege on her, she now completely refuses to answer a phone.  This trait, not failing well, is fairly common in first borns.  Or, so I'm told.

Once, about 6 months ago, Emory and I had a day where we enjoyed a couple of board games.  Now, the thing about the type of board games you play with a preschooler is that you can't "throw" them to "build" the self-esteem of the poor kid.  Which card you draw when playing Candy Land is not at all something you can alter in any way for your benefit.  Believe me, Emory has tried. 

On this particular day, we had played Candy Land and Hi-Ho Cheerio.  I had won both games.  This was much, much to the dismay of the big girl.  After many tears and talks about losing well, being happy for others when they win, and blah blah blah, Emory asked to play another game.  I can not remember what the game was, but what I do remember is her cocking an eyebrow at me and asking (rather accusatorily), "You gonna win this one too?"

So, tonight after dinner she wanted to play Don't Break the Ice.  We haven't played this one in a long time.  And, it's been a while since we've played a game.  Anyhoo, it lasted until we played the second round, which Emory lost.  I'd lost the first round.  When she lost, she did well.  No tears, just an announcement that she was tired of playing the game and could we now build a snow fort for the little polar bear man.  She announced that we would build forts and the one who used the most ice cubes would win.

We're building and I'm just building a snow fort and minding my own business when she starts in with the "You think you're building a good fort, don't ya?  I'm gonna build an even gooder fort than you."  A little time passes and she realizes that my fort is gooder, due to the fact that I have the motor skills of a 33 year old, and so she asks, "Can we trade forts?"


Thursday, January 13, 2011

17 month stats

(almost) a big brother!

- now sits in a big boy chair at the table
- refuses to eat supper unless he has the same utensils the rest of us are using
- can adeptly use a fork and spoon
- loves olives, apples, and yogurt
- has a vocabulary of about 50 words and phrases, with my favorite being "mam, mam" (yes ma'am), "here a go" (here you go), "nigh nigh" (night night), and "tiss?" (kiss?)
- does not appreciate any delay in being gotten from his crib upon awakening
- still takes a substantial morning nap, great afternoon nap, and is finally sleeping through the night!
- has not yet figured how to climb out of his crib (HALLELUJAH!)
- sleeps with 2 pacis - a feeler and a sucker
- prefers his daddy
- can kick a ball better than he can throw, but is pretty darn good at both
- loves his sissy unless he's busy
- thinks the dogs are the best thing to play with
- is more socially aware than his sister was and already knows the names of most of our friends without prompting
- will not get out of the bath tub without a fight unless you promise to sing "Rock-a-bye, baby" while he's wrapped in his towel
- can brush his own teeth
- can't stand to be left out of anything
- loves to go bye-bye
- will not watch a video unless we are in the car

Monday, January 3, 2011

Warning: this post will contain a bit of mush.

... now I am not a mushy gal.  Not in the least sentimental.  The sentimental one is my husband.  However, I am not heartless, and occasionally my heart is touched, deeply, by random things.  I once cried over the fact that my husband remembered cheese puffs versus cheese curls when he packed me a lunch on a busy Saturday afternoon during Kid's Market season.  Granted, I was about 8 weeks pregnant, but my point is, completely random things make me feel sentimental.

Tonight we took down the tree and holiday trimmings in order to make room for all the baby gear that Ethan needs to get accustomed to not being allowed to touch.  Two months practice should do it.  Anyhow, I was working the kitchen while Eric was taking the ornaments off the tree and it reminded me of the time we were dating and I could not find the time to get my Christmas tree down.  I was working and in school, both full time, and I was a bit stressed that this tree would still be in my apartment mid-March.

Well, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue.  I arrived home after a very full day to an empty tree stand sitting on my dining room table.  Well, it was devoid of a tree, but had been filled with tulips, my favorite flower.  Touching, isn't it?  There is even a picture of it somewhere in a drawer.

Tonight my valiant man has, without a word of complaint or a moment's hesitation, taken down a tree, put half the kids to bed, unloaded the dishwasher, and is just now relaxing in his chair.  What a guy.