Saturday, January 29, 2011

unexpected joys in motherhood....

- finding a pair of socks tucked behind my pillow as I wearily crawl into bed at night
- a rare afternoon nap for me and being awakened with a kiss from the big girl
- smiles when the discovery of a favorite snack is inside a snack-trap
- the countless pacis on my desk, kitchen counter, bedside table, laundry basket, bath tub, etc...
- children's books stacked on my bedside table and far out-numbering the grown-up books
- the happy dance each kid does as they get their one cup of juice for the day upon rising from bed
- hearing the toddler try to keep up as we sing "ABC's" (he just repeats E-F-G over and over)
- seeing the big girl excited by new responsibilities and owning them as hers
- over-hearing the children playing so sweetly and not being allowed to intrude without breaking the spell
- having both kids help me with supper
- smelling a freshly bathed kid and laughing at the crazy post-bath hair
- fielding impatient comments about the impending arrival of a new siblings

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