Saturday, August 29, 2009


at dinner Daddy informed me that Emory had frogs in her dream at naptime.

Me: You did? What were they doing?
Emory: They were wearing me out, man.

After Emory had hopped down from dinner and daddy and I were still visiting at the table. She was in the living room.

Emory: Mom, help me, I've got this balloon.
Me: What do you need help with, Emory?
Emory: It's freakin' me out!

I think I've been quick to tell you our woes, so she is due some positive attention too. She really is so very funny. Today was a better day. Since tomorrow is our special day of rest and worship, it will be even better, right? At least we all get orange juice with breakfast!

what is it....

...about a baby that is so ever-lovin' enjoyable? Maybe it is just this baby and not all babies, but I am totally and completely having a blast with him! All he really does is eat, sleep, poop, and occasionally pee on me, but he's a trip to have around the house already. Maybe it's 'cuz I'm no longer a newbie at having a baby and I'm more relaxed? Maybe it's because he's a boy and momma's are notorious for favoring their little men? Who am I really kidding? It's totally because this kid doesn't sass me, is thankful for the small things I do for him, and actually seems to like me. I really need one of my kids to like me right now.

On another note, the big girl and I are in the midst of having to forge ourselves a new way of relating to each other. After a hideous 24 hours around here, during which I treated her and was treated in ways I never imagined possible in my relationship with her, I finally sent out my S.O.S. to the ladies in my Bible study group. What a great group of girls. Within hours I could literally feel the prayers. I got e-mails lifting me up, reminding me of things I was having trouble remembering, and offers of actual physical help. So cool to be a part of the Body of Christ. Once again, I ask, how in the world do non-believers even get up in the morning? If it were not for Christ and His family, we would never make it around here.

If you pop in unannounced these days you find Emory in mismatched clothes she chose herself, me in my pajamas, Ethan dressed to the nines and sleeping in the swing, and old glamor shots of me at age 15 that Emory discovered yesterday and has insisted on distributing around the house for her viewing pleasure. She calls them pictures of crazy mommy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the joy of a boy...

Sorry to be gone so long. I actually would have blogged sooner, but our internet has been down. So far adding a baby to the fam has been a walk in the park. He's an incredibly easy baby and we are praying that it stays that way :). He is such a delight to have as part of our family and he has a look about him that makes me think he might be a very content and laid back boy. He even looks like he really wants to smile at me already, but just can't quite figure it out.

One glaring difference between having a boy after a girl? When you change their diaper you must either wear safety goggles or prepare to duck!

Well, time to feed the boy again. Nine pounders like to eat and often.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ethan Benedict Skocelas

the birth story...

This is a G-rated version, but if you would rather not know any details of Ethan's arrival you may exit the car now.

After a little bit of an emotional struggle, we decided to induce labor rather than wait it out, mostly due to the terrible itching I was suffering. When we walked in yesterday morning, I was actually 2 centimeters and almost completely effaced. This was exciting to me because it was what we were praying for and it told me that my body really could do this. When I had Emory she was 12 days late and I had not dialated or effaced at all. But this is not her story...

Dr. Mac broke my water at 6:45 and the Pitocin drip started at 6:50. At 7:10 I felt my first contraction that "pinched" a little and by 7:45 they were 5 minutes apart and getting more insistent that they be noticed. The real blessing is that I had no pain in between contractions, which is completely different from my first delivery.

By 8:15 I was having a hard time remebering to breath during contractions, which were now 2 minutes apart. And let me tell you, those 2 minutes roll around fast! I made a deal with the nurse that I would let her check me at 8:45 and then we could evaluate what I could have for pain. Fraiser was due to come on 9:00 and I wanted to be able to enjoy it. I NEVER get to watch TV in during the day! I was only hoping for a bit of Nubane, but when she checked me I was already at 4 cm. So... guess who got her epidural at 9:15?

It took a while for the anasthesiologist to get there, and when he did get there the pain was almost unbearable. But, bless his bones, he was so fast I didn't even have a contraction while he was there. I missed the first episode of Frasier, but thanks to the joys of TNT and syndication, another episode was on right after that. However, I was not to enjoy Frasier as I started having all the "strange" reactions to the epidural. I saw strange only because my labor with Emory was a walk in the park after the epidural but this time my labor took a different kind of difficult turn.

My blood pressure dropped significantly after getting the epidural and I began having trouble staying conscious. We finally got me settled on my left side and I began to itch all over. But, it was ok since I had been itching all during my pregnancy. It just felt normal. At 10:00 I was already at 6 cm and from that point on I gained a centimeter every half hour. We began to get excited, thinking we would have our baby boy by noon.

I began pushing at about 11:45am and the nurse was completely surprised that he wasn't delivered with the first push since I only pushed 3 or 4 times total with our girl, who was my first baby. However, after some investigation she discovered Ethan was turned on his side, facing my left. I was going to have to work for this kid to get him to turn. The "extra exertion" combined with the nasty effects the epidural was having on me lent themselves to less effective pushing too, I'm sure. I began to pass out after every other push and getting the energy to push was quite a struggle. I have to say there is nothing like "coming to" and being told to push hard. My reaction was almost one of "does no one else see what is happening to me?" but I'm sure they see this often, so it really is no big deal to them. And, I was in no real danger, I just felt really, really crappy.

Dr. Mac came in at 12:30, assessed things, and told the nurse to call him in 45 minutes for another assessment. When I heard that he thought we'd be doing this for another 45 minutes, I began praying really hard that I would be able to get this thing done! The second push after Dr. Mac had left, either I got more effective or Ethan finally turned, because all of the sudden my nurse got a little frantic nurse, hitting the call button and calling for help. She barely got her gloves on and had to sit and hold Ethan's head in while someone else raced down the hall to get Dr. Mac. Thank goodness he hadn't gotten far. He had left the room at 12:45 and Ethan was officially delivered at 12:54pm!

After Ethan was delivered it wasn't hard to see why my belly had been so big. He was a big boy, weighing in at 9 pounds even, and 21 inches. Emory was 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 21 inches as well. Ladies, let me tell you, those 8 ounces make a difference! His head is an inch and 3/4 larger than Emory's was as well. So, already he's looking like a regular boy. He's a good nurser, though he seems to be a bit gassy. Emory was never gassy, so this will be a new experience for us. After a cranky day yesterday, he seems to have settled down a bit and is a little more accepting of this world. At least until this afternoon when he goes for his rites of circumcism.

Thanks to all those who have prayed for us during the journey of getting Ethan to join the outside world. However, the fun is just beginning! As Emory was leaving yesterday she had a meltdown when she realized I wasn't coming with her. Ethan was crying because he was hungry. Dr. Mac walked in and laughed telling me, "You are officially the mother of many when both kids melt down at the same time." Fortunately, this being baby #2, it was easy for me to see the humor in the situation as well. For now, that is. Ask me again in a month.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


We have a 9 pound, 21 inch baby boy! Pictures to come soon (we forgot the USB cord to get the pictures off the camera tonight). Emory seems to really love her little brother and gave him lots of love when she visited this afternoon. All in all, a good day...

Monday, August 10, 2009

for the love...

After much waffling and debating on my part, we have an induction date: this Thursday, August 13th. Although I am beginning to get a little anxious over the idea of meeting the demands of a two-year-old and a newborn, I am ready to be done with this pregnancy. I think I'd have a million kids if it weren't for this pregnancy deal. But anyhoo, mom is finally here and we are anxious to meet this little boy. Emory thinks he will have "yellow hair" like her. I hope so, since she is pretty stinkin' cute.

Bear with us, we'll try to get photos up quickly, but neither one of us are picture people. We take 'em but forget to get them off the camera. Here's to the wonders of modern medicine that can command your body to give birth!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a fun rainy day activity....

or, waiting-on-baby-number-2-but-i'm-convinced-he's-never-coming-so-let's-pass-the-time-with-fun-stuff activity! This is not my original idea. It came from my friend's blog and we just took it one step further. Visit her site to get the "recipe".

our shaving cream creation...

after we mixed all the color combos we could, we headed to the tub to "clean up", however, we got the cool idea to paint the wall instead

then, we thought it might be fun to see what happens when you spray water on the creation

then, we tried cleaning off the wall by scooping the shave cream off

and rinsing our hands!

All in all, this activity occupied Emory for almost a full hour. Nothing ever does that! This gets my stamp of approval. Thanks, Sarah Z.!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

and the hits just keep on comin'...

On the way to dinner Thurday night, this is the song I heard Emory singing in the backseat:

"Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me no..."

Ummm.... not exactly what we are trying to communicate here!