Thursday, October 29, 2009

top ten...

.... things i love about being a momma:

10. the fab dark circles under each eye
9. getting to pick out adorable outfits for 2 of the cutest kiddos
8. that early morning smooch from the big girl before she is wisked away by her daddy
7. seeing reflections of myself in other beings
6. the look of adoration from the baby boy as he eats
5. the feel of sticky fingers on my face trying to get my attention
4. the late night feedings when I really get the baby all to myself
3. the way the baby thinks everything I do is totally awesome
2. watching the big girl discover the world around her
1. hearing young voices call for "Mommy!" and realizing they are talking to me!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i ate bacon once...

Apparently, according to some, I have the habit of occasional random comments. I guess I am so arrogant, that I believe you all should just always know what I'm talking about. I dated a guy about 9 years ago who was 7 years older than me (and at 21, that was something!) and was a good date planner. Weird at the actual relationship, but he knew how to plan a good date. Don't get me wrong, he was a really great guy, just not for me and I wasn't the gal for him either.

On one of our dates, he took me to a drive-in movie in Argo. It's always stuck with me because it was kind of cool to go to a drive-in movie. Anyhoo, there is a police station close to our home that was under renovations around the time Eric and I had just gotten married. It had to be early in our marriage (like we've been married that long!) 'cuz there were no carseats in the car. The company responsible for the construction was Argo Properties. Every time I passed the building I would think of my drive-in movie experience.

One day, when we were in the car together, I thought I would share my experience with my new husband. So, I stated, "I've been to a drive-in movie." This might not strike you as the most random comment made, but it was out of the blue and I think I interrupted my husband. Since we had not been married long enough for him to understand how my mind worked, the only reply he could think of was, "I ate bacon once." He thought we were just sharing random details from our past. It took me some time for me to explain the connection to the building to him.

So now, whenever someone makes a completely random and unexpected comment, either Eric or I will say, "I ate bacon once." It's our code for, "What?! How does that relate?"

Monday, October 12, 2009

I love it when...

the baby catches sight of his hand, opens his mouth, begins to bring the beloved fist to his mouth for a taste, wiggles those legs in anticipation, gets distracted, bops himself in the eye, and then looks at me for an explanation. What a treaure it is to be watching another little person learn all about living in this big world we've been given.

I'm feeling fulfilled these days. It's crazy strange. I'm so distracted that I'm forgetting to put cat litter back in the box after changing it and I'm running out of gas in the neighborhood causing me to walk home lugging an infant in his carrier, but I'm at peace with my world. These things aren't really undoing me, they are making me laugh at myself. And I am so stinkin' tired since this big boy has regressed back to 2 night wakings again.

Now that we are out of the most difficult first few weeks, and I think I can say we are actually adjusted, I feel so much more relaxed and can enjoy this kid. I'm still trying to figure out how to enjoy them together instead of just one at a time, but I haven't mastered that one yet. But, it really does just keep getting better all the time...

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a lie!

It's a dadblame, bold-faced lie, yet everyone of us believes it every single day. What lie? This lie: "Everyone but me has it all together." Now this lie actually comes is several forms... "Everyone else's child obeys the first time every time." "No on else's house ever looks as nasty dirty as mine." "No one else has this much trouble getting out the door on time." "I'll bet no other couple has the same two arguments over and over." and my personal favorite "I'm the only woman who is not back to pre-prego weight before 6 weeks."

What a sneaky little trick that Satan plays on us. He has everyone of us believing that we are the worst wife, mother, homemaker, friend, what have you. The reality of it is this... we ALL struggle with sin. Yet, we believe the devil, or ourselves, when our heart whispers, "It's just you." And why is this lie so stinkin' dangerous? Because it leaves us believing we must hitch up our belts once more and get crackin' at being a better person so that we can measure up to some arbitrary standard that we created.

This lie does not encourage us to run to the cross, to run to Jesus when we see our lack of measuring up. It keeps us convinced that we are responsible for ourselves. In reality, we are so incredibly helpless that we are not to be left to ourselves. Which is why we have been adopted by a heavenly Father, bought by the blood of His only Son, and given the gift of the Helper.

There is no lack of wisdom in our comparison to sheep in Scripture. Dearest says that all sheep are good for is to run and poop. They lack any ability to learn anything, they constantly get themselves into situations that they are helpless to get out of, and they naturally distrust anyone and anything. Which is why they are the only animal that needs constant supervision through a shepherd.

Quit believing the lie. Trust your shepherd. And call me when you think you're the only one who can't get it together. Chances are, it's been days since I've showered.