Thursday, December 23, 2010

what i done today...

.... made an apple pie, a pecan pie, a whiskey hard sauce for said pies, prepped the twice-baked potatoes, prepped the green bean casserole, made the potato salad, researched a killer recipe for the beef tenderloin we'll be having, worked out, colored with the babes, swept the back patio, washed and changed sheets on all 3 beds, fed the children 3 full meals, vacuumed the house, laundered and put away folded towels, played outside with the littles, went on a magical adventure to a desert complete with drinking a magic potion to turn us all into monkeys (somehow necessary for our trip to the desert on my bed), welcomed my baby brother into town, helped consume a Zaxby's family pack for dinner (and there are still leftovers!), made hot chocolate, took jammied kiddos on a ride to look at Christmas lights, showered, blow-dryed my hair (!), put babies to bed on time (complete with rocking, singing, stories, and cuddling), double checked "Santa" presents for any neccesary assembly and/or batteries before 11pm tomorrow night, and blogged.  WHEW!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

a hard week....

It's been a hard week around here.  Long story short, our big girl has had some sin struggles (don't we all!) that we as her parents have not known how to deal with wisely or kindly and the littlest one had a serious reaction to an MMR vaccine.  So, life around here was hard, tempers were short, and kids were out of control.  I'm home this morning from worship, letting the toddler catch up on some rest and just take it easy.  I wrapped a few gifts while I listened to the following sermon on the goodness of children:

Some of my favorite oneliners were:

"The gospel is not a ride at Six Flags that you must be a certain height to ride; Jesus welcomed babies into His presence."

"You think you would die for your children?  Well, Jesus already has."

I have had another nasty look into my own heart this week and seen once more my need for Jesus, not just daily, but moment by moment.  I've been selfish, easily frustrated and impatient, and have regarded my children as a hinderance and nuisance to what I think is important for me to get accomplished.  Thankfully, God so desires my devotion to Him that He sent an illness into our home that baffled doctors and could not be cured by tylenol to make me slow down and re-evaluate my calling as the mother of these kiddos and the wife of my beloved.  Thank God for His redemption!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh, the things that come out of that girl's mouth!

Today at naptime, Emory and I had the following conversation...

Emory: "Mommy, I don't feel like I'm four."
Me: "Well, what do you feel like?"
Emory: "I feel like a psychiatrist."

It has become our habit that when one offends another in our household seriously enough to warrant asking for forgiveness, that we also ask God, in front of the offended one, for His forgiveness.  The parents do this too in order to model that everyone is in need of the forgiveness God offers us in Christ, and to model humility to our four-year-old.  So, I completely forget the offense, but when Emory was praying and asking God for His forgiveness one day earlier this week, she cried out in a loud voice:

"LORD! Please forgive me for  being so sinful and miserable!"

Cathecizing is paying off.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

pictures of the babes...

It's been cold in our house in the morning, so here's how we've been watching our wake-up cartoons - all bundled up!

We've had another visit from Buddy and this time he wrapped the kids' bedroom doors!

The night Emory and her daddy headed out to buy presents, Ethan felt a bit left out.  I had been washing dishes and he there had been too little noise in the house for a little toddler boy.  When I peeked out the kitchen this is what I found.  Guess he was trying to figure out how to follow them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas with a four-year-old...

.... adds up to very little secrets to be kept from mommy or daddy!  Last night Emory and her Daddy took a jaunt out to do a little shopping.  While they were out, Emory was warned that if she told Mommy the stores they went to, she would be able to figure out the presents she was getting.  So, mums the word, right?  Immediately upon arriving home I was greeted with, "Mommy, guess what I saw at Barnes and Noble?"  And later as I was laying with her in bed reading bedtime stories I commented on how good she smelled.  She replied, "Yeah, I tried some testers in the lotion store."  Guess I'm getting a book and something that smells yummy! 

And yesterday the kids had a check-up.  Normally we forgo the flu vaccine, but I was asked by my OB to make sure everyone got it.  So, Emory was given a choice by Dr. Petelos to take the shot or the nasal mist.  She looked at him, cocked an eyebrow and said, "The shot.  I don't drink through my nose so we are not spraying anything in there!"  Good thing he is a wonderful pediatrician and thinks she's awesome, just as we do. 

And I am loving Ethan's exclamation of  "YOOK!"  every time he seems a house or lawn decorated for Christmas.  And I thought he wouldn't notice.  Shame on me.  His declaration is made even more endearing as it is said around his beloved "pappy".  (For the record, Emory called the paci an "a-bee" when she first started talking.  I LOVE the names toddlers give to treasures.)

Happy Christmas!  More terribly adorable photos of my babes to come........

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

turns out...

.... Buddy is sometimes naughty!  Look what Emory woke up to this first morning of December.....