Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas with a four-year-old...

.... adds up to very little secrets to be kept from mommy or daddy!  Last night Emory and her Daddy took a jaunt out to do a little shopping.  While they were out, Emory was warned that if she told Mommy the stores they went to, she would be able to figure out the presents she was getting.  So, mums the word, right?  Immediately upon arriving home I was greeted with, "Mommy, guess what I saw at Barnes and Noble?"  And later as I was laying with her in bed reading bedtime stories I commented on how good she smelled.  She replied, "Yeah, I tried some testers in the lotion store."  Guess I'm getting a book and something that smells yummy! 

And yesterday the kids had a check-up.  Normally we forgo the flu vaccine, but I was asked by my OB to make sure everyone got it.  So, Emory was given a choice by Dr. Petelos to take the shot or the nasal mist.  She looked at him, cocked an eyebrow and said, "The shot.  I don't drink through my nose so we are not spraying anything in there!"  Good thing he is a wonderful pediatrician and thinks she's awesome, just as we do. 

And I am loving Ethan's exclamation of  "YOOK!"  every time he seems a house or lawn decorated for Christmas.  And I thought he wouldn't notice.  Shame on me.  His declaration is made even more endearing as it is said around his beloved "pappy".  (For the record, Emory called the paci an "a-bee" when she first started talking.  I LOVE the names toddlers give to treasures.)

Happy Christmas!  More terribly adorable photos of my babes to come........

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