Wednesday, December 26, 2007

taking thoughts captive

I was humbled today by one of my daughter's toys. Yes, you read that correctly. Here's how it happened. For weeks I have been growing increasingly irritated with the drivers who are rude, impatient, and not paying attention while I was out Christmas shopping. It really irritates me to be honked at, especially if it is because I am taking my time. I have precious cargo in my car and I am not about to put her life in danger just because the idiot behind me is in a hurry! So, I have been thinking some rather ugly thoughts lately because in the holiday rush I have been honked at a lot. Or so I thought... it was actually the steering wheel that Emory plays with in the car that has a horn that beeps. It had gotten lodged under the passenger side front seat and was muffled just enough to sound like it was coming from outside. How did I discover this? Pulling into my driveway I was honked at, and there were no cars on my street! I guess that every so often it was shifting just enough to go off. I'm off to finish my rather large serving of crow for lunch.

how do you know when you are a real housewife?

For my friend, Robin, it was when she discovered that she was using empty whipped cream containers for tupperware. For me, it was this Christmas. I got everything I wanted: a new set of pots and pans (I was using the set my husband's mother gave him in college!), a blender, a steamer basket for veggies, an electric skillet, and a PRETTY laundry hamper! I got none of these things when we got married in 2005. It's pretty sad when you think you're hot stuff because all of your kitchenware "matches".

it was bound to happen some time...

but I was working soooo hard to keep Emory from picking up the word "mine". When I wanted her to give me something I would usually phrase the request something like, "That's mommy's." Instead of "That's mine." And if you think I was putting too much thought into it, then go ahead and judge me, because you know you have your own "thing" that you've seen other kids do and sworn that you would NEVER let your kids do. So, who taught her this word? The bagger at Publix today :). Oh well.... at least she has yet to scream it at me while running away with scissors.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Sunday, December 23, 2007

holiday fun

Just have to share what Emory is enjoying the most this holiday season... the brightly colored bows. While I know that some of you may scoff and rush to tell me that most children her age enjoy bows, I just want to say that she is not most kids. She's my kid and it's really cute. She jabbers away and can be very selective about which bow she wants. She goes to the tree, surveys the presents, chooses the prettiest bow, and attempts to walk away with the bow still attached to the present. This makes for some pretty comical scenes when she chooses bows attached to large gifts.
We've been "allowing" this behavior for several reasons:
1. it's not my house and I don't have to worry about starting "bad" habits
2. it's Mom's fault for putting presents under the tree in the first place
3. Emory's not opening the gifts (and at this point I could care less if she was), she's just stealing bows
4. Mom is laid back about such things and wants to be known as the grandma who never said no :)
5. I'm too busy enjoying the spiked eggnog!

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Festivus!

Ok, so I run in a strange circle of friends. We celebrate Festivus every year. If you are not sure what Festivus is, then you need to watch more Seinfeld. Regardless, we enjoyed this grand tradition last night. And, of course, it involves an exchange of gifts. Although this was not my "real" gift, my good friend Beth gave me some post-it notes with the following quotes on them:

"Gotta go. The kids chewed through their straps."
"I child-proofed my house, but they still get in."
"The first 40 years of parenthood are always the hardest."
"I had a mind once. Now I have small children."

Happy Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

things I like about my kid...

- her facial expressions (see below!)
- her giggle
- her elephant noise
- the fact that only one of her two front teeth has come in, making her look snaggle-toothed
- she happily watches Baby Einstein if I need to get something done
- how she shakes her head no for "no thank you"
- how she's graduated from calling her paci "abee" to "pa"
- the fact that she's mine!

Pardon the sappy-ness of today's afternoon post, but after years of caring for other people's kids, I still get goosebumps when I think about how I finally have one of these wonderful creatures all for my very own. Well, at least on loan from God for a while.

caught on tape!

Emory's reaction to a Zapp's lime flavored chip. Kudos to Dr. Erwin for the quick trigger finger.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

If you are a mommy

then PLEASE check out Knox Memories (link in my favorites) for today's blog entry. She always helps me to re-gain my perspective and reminds me of how bad my day could be!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

above my kitchen sink....

I keep the following quote: is because the blessing is so great that our little hearts cannot rise to apprehend it; it is as if we cannot believe that Christ, the Almighty One, will in very deed teach and keep us all the day. And yet, this is exactly what He has promised, for without this He cannot really give us rest... Abiding in Jesus is nothing but the giving up of one's self to be ruled and taught and led, and so resting in the arms of everlasting love. (Andrew Murray, Abide in Christ)

The above quote is a reflection on Mathew 11:28, 29 "Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

Why is it above my kitchen sink? Because I don't have a dishwasher and I get just plain weary of washing dishes a million times a day. And I only have one kid! But she still eats 5 times a day between snacks and meals, and my dear hubby comes home for lunch everyday. While it is wonderful to see him, it still generates more dishes than if it were just Emory and I. So, I get weary and my mind begins to wander to those who have dishwashers and pretty soon I am discontent and just plain mad at my husband because he won't consent to going into debt to install a dishwasher.

And so, God is sovereign. And good. And desires better for me than I want for myself. So, I have no choice but to believe that it is good for me to depend more fully on God as I deal with my sin of discontent. And sloth (because I really just want life to be easier on me). And so, it is at my kitchen sink that I regularly meet with God to crucify my flesh and depend on the power of His spirit to do the dishes CHEERFULLY. Where in your house do have your tent meetings?

Monday, December 17, 2007

really funny stuff

So, my good friend, Mara, sent me a link to a GREAT blog. I've got it listed in my favorite sites as Reformed Grits. You have to check out the author's link to Cute Kids Stuff. You can't make up stuff this good! Thanks Mara!

a carseat warning

No one told me that unless my child had vomited, pee-peed, or pooed on her carseat cover that I was not, under any circumstances, to lift the cover to "clean". What I didn't know couldn't bother me. Now all I can think about is all the fruit loops and goldfish that I was unsuccessful in removing from the inside of the actual carseat crevices. Gross!

awesome Creator

You gotta love God's design. How anyone can have children and not see God's awesomeness is beyond me. While there are days when I am brought to tears by my 14-month-old's hard-headedness, God also brings me moments of great joy with her. I was trying to sweep and mop my kitchen floor today after the dogs trashed it (it rained this weekend). When I was sufficiently pleased with my sweeping job, I turned to begin mopping and heard my munchkin jabbering behind me. As I turn to see what she is so excited about, I see her trying to sweep and use the dustpan. I'm going to believe that she wants to be just like me!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

random rant

If I have to fold my daughter in half to get her in or out of the carseat one more time, I am going to scream! Why in the world do people park over the line? Ok, I feel better now. Just so you now, there is a defect in the 2004 Nissan Xterra that they have apparently corrected since. The backseat doors BARELY open. So, getting a kid in and out of the carseat is hard enough in my own carport where I park with more than enough room for me to get her out. But, nearly impossible when people who don't pay attention to what they are doing park WAY over their allotted space. As you can see, it irritates me just a little. Thanks for letting me vent.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

to all the moms of kids who won't eat

Tell me what the strangest food combinations or ways to hide food that you've ever come up with. For example, for Emory the strangest thing I've ever fed her to date is peaches mixed with cottage cheese. Not that foreign, I know. BUT, when I was keeping lil' Philip he went through a phase where everything had to be covered in spaghetti sauce, including his peas. So, my wierdest food combo isn't even for my own kid :). Renie - it was crazy what he would eat as long as it was covered in marinara! Corn, green beans, you name it. And because of pregnant brain, I probably never remembered to let you in on that little secret. Sorry!

head case :)

So, many of you know that my mother had the misfortune of being in a pretty serious car accident in 2004. She sustained a head injury that took her at last 4 months to recover. This has made life with her soooo interesting. Her speech center was damaged and she regularly confuses words, often with very funny results. Case in point... she was describing to me gift that my uncle had "mammogrammed" for my dad (who is, by the way, a radiologist who specializes in reading mammograms.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

pirates of birmingham

Emory had the grand fortune of going to Parker's pirate party this past Saturday. There was a way cool pirate ship cake and all of our bestest friends were there! As you can see above, the birthday boy is pirate crazy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

before my very eyes

My little girl is growing up! How does this happen? While I admit that the sleeping through the night and eating 3 regular meals a day is nice, it makes me sad to think that kindergarten might get here before I am ready for it. What has caused this moment of reflection, you might ask? My daughter pointed out the window while we were in the car Friday night and said, "Boon." That's right, folks. For the very first time my daughter initiated a "conversation". And there were actually balloons right outside her window. Once Mama was able to speak, Emory was praised to the moon and back. And today during lunch, she came out of her room with a toy horse in hand and said, "Nay." She's so smart.

Friday, December 7, 2007

in my opinion...

the very definition of cute!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Genius Baby?

Emory is in a music class that meets weekly. During each class we will use "developmentally appropriate" musical instruments. To all of you who question whether or not she is benefiting from such a class.... I walked into the bathroom and caught her "singing" while proudly tapping out a rhythm with (drumroll please)... 2 tampons! I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. I guess since they are about the same size as the rhythm sticks we use in class she figured that they would work just fine.

back to the basics

So, my 13 month old has been saying "bath", "book", "baby", "duck", "quack", and a couple of other words since before she was even 1. She has, however, absolutely refused to say the most basic of all first utterances, "uh-oh"! Until yesterday! She was sitting in her bumper jumper watching television (I was cleaning the bathroom, ok) when she dropped her keifer shake and HOLLERED "uh-oh!". I picked it up and gave it back to her, to which she thanked me by promptly dropping her cup and yelling "uh-oh!" again. Finally!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a sunday afternoon snack

So, it's a normal Sunday afternoon. We are getting ready for a family outing to go and pick out our Christmas tree. I begin the process of rounding up my little munchin. As I round the corner and start down the hallway, I see her happily munching on a most interesting snack.... a dust bunny. Maybe it is time I vacuumed?

the skocelai catch up

Finally! Not only do the Skocelai actually have internet, but we are also now blogging! Currently, there are only 3 of us, Eric (daddy), Sarah (mommy), and Emory (baby). These posts will really just be the ramblings of a mom who has no clue as to what she is doing. Please feel free to inundate me with your wise counsel.