Tuesday, November 23, 2010

holiday doings...

... Due to the fact that I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I have been completely freed up to focus on Christmas.  We've already begun listening to Christmas music, donned a holiday outfit or two, and we've even had a visit from Buddy.  Who is Buddy?  Here at tribe Skocelai, we choose to believe that Santa assigns each family an elf.  This said Elf makes the families gifts and makes occasional visits to the home during the season to keep everybody's spirits up.  How much does he do?  Depends on your elf.  Ours is fairly low-key, choosing to make his rounds only once or twice a week.  I do know of elves who visit every night, they must be getting an extra dose of sugar each night.

Why do elves visit at night?  Because elves never sleep, or at least not as much as we do.  That's how they got the grand job of making toys for Christmas.  Otherwise, it would never get done. 

Last night our elf, Buddy, showed up and decorated our house.  He left some things out, like the wreath, because they were in a different storage unit, our smaller shed.  So, when we left cookies for his thank you gift we hid his thank you note to test his smartness.  We can't decide if he just didn't know that the wreath was missing, didn't know where to find it, or wanted to just to give us a jumpstart on the decorating.  I'm thinking the latter because he also left a dryer full of clean holiday dish towels for me to fold and put away (thanks for that, Buddy).

So, the house is completely decorated, the cookies have been baked and left for Buddy to enjoy tonight, and the big girl is completely psyched.  Her favorite part of the deco was a holly garland that Buddy wound through the rail on her daybed while she was sleeping last night.  I was awakened this morning by the following whisper, "Mom, there's a bush growing in my room."  She and I had fun discovering what Buddy had done in each room.

I'm interested to see if Buddy remains this tame or if he gets a bit more elfish as the season progresses.  I hope he doesn't get too terribly naughty!

Monday, November 22, 2010

2 very unrelated pieces of information...

... since I know you are all waiting with baited breath - we've officially decided on a baby boy name.  Asher Cohen it will be.  Asher is just a name we liked and Cohen came from a late night we spent scouring the internet for good boy names.  It's Gaelic which satisfies a deep need the daddy has. 

And next, I love the way my big kid's brain works.   While at Walmart today she announced, "Mommy, do you remember that Joseph's brothers did not know who he was?  Neither did Cinderella's sisters."  This was out of the blue and totally unrelated to what we had been talking about.  She's a nut!  And, I love the thought that this literary coincidence seems to have been rolling around in her brain for a while.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

opening the floor...

We can't decide.  And while we have 14 weeks left, that's not long at all when you're trying to decide on a good baby name.  Sooo...  We are decided on Ella Margaret for a girl, but boy names elude us.  Currently, the top pick is Asher Cohen.  Give me some ideas, people.  After this I turn to FB!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I will probably be late to my own funeral...

... in fact, I've actually asked Eric to have me wheeled down the aisle of whatever church my funeral is held in.  I want him to wait until the service has already begun, and I want to be sitting up and waving.  Yep.  Because I never had it together in this life, so why should I now?

Some things never change.  When Ethan was 4 days old I got a rude awakening as to just how not-together I was going to be as mom to 2 kids.  The hospital I delivered in offers free breastfeeding support groups where you can meet with other moms, weigh your baby before and after feeding to see what they are actually taking in, and there is a licensed lactation consultant there to answer uestions (ok, so we all know what that word is supposed to be, but the letter that words starts with doesn't work ever since I spilled coffee on my laptop.  Or rather, since the toddler I was holding while checking the weather so I would know how to dress my kids for the day spilled my cup of coffee on the keyboard.  But, I digress.)

I went to my first support meeting and actually ran into a friend who had delivered the same day as me at the same hospital.  Good times.  I was met with a noxious diaper upon retrieving my screaming infant son from the carrier.  So, I did what every good mother does.  I looked in my big fat new baby diaper bag for a diaper.  No diaper.  Checked for wipes.   No wipes.  I had to ask my friend, who was a first time mom and was therefore much more prepared than I, and she supplied my needs. 

Flash forward almost 15 months to this past Monday.  I had the kids at the gym and had taken our bag with us.  You know, the "diaper bag" that is not really a diaper bag but I do keep diapers in it.  As well as cups, snacks, books, crayons, and other junk to keep my kids happy while we are away from home.  When I picked the kids up from the gym nursery the very sweet nursery worker informed me, "Um, just so you know.  Ethan had a dirty diaper and there were no diapers in his bag.  There weren't any wipes either.  I put some in there for you.  I'm afraid you might be out and need them and not have them."

Some things never change.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another favorite thing...

.... is hearing the prayers of children.  They are so honest, sweet, and can be incredibly faithful.  No wonder Christ exhorts us time and time again to have the faith of a child.  Last night Emory prayed for us before supper and this is what she had to say to the Lord:
(Daddy had been gone on his annual man's trip drinking beer and not bathing for a couple of days in the woods with his college roommates.)

"Dear God, thank you for this food.  I missed my daddy today in worship, but You gave him back to us!  Thank you for giving me such a wonderful family.  And, God, did You know we are having a new baby soon?  Amen."


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a few of my favorite things...

.... last summer we were blessed to actually complete a kitchen re-do and laundry room add-on.  The ideas we had we'd been kickin' around since we were engaged, and it was fun to see it come to fruition.  Unlike myself, I did research to find time-and-space-saving tips on a budget.  This was a very modest kitchen make-over.  Yet, it did include getting the washer and dryer out of my kitchen  and provided me with a dishwasher.  So, here's my favorite feature of my kitchen:  my large, single basin sink.  It of course, has the faucet that can come out of the holder and acts as a sprayer.  I love it!  Because we have a new computer and we can't find the photo software for our camera, I'll share an image I found on the web...
Why do I love this sink?  It holds a ton of dishes and it is deep so you can't see the dirties until you get up close, thereby decreasing the amount of time I actually load my beloved dishwasher.  It is so large that I can bathe my big girl in it, although I don't.  I did bathe my newborn son in it, though, to save on the bending over the tub and my post-partum belly.  I can fits up to 4 large stock pots in there at one time.  I can de-bone a chicken in the thing.  I am so pleased with this purchase and still remains my favorite feature in the kitchen.  So much so, that if we ever move, we will replace the kitchen sink in a new house if it is not a large single basin sink.

What's your favorite item in your kitchen?

it's beginning to look a lot like....

.... I'm actually pregnant!  I don't think I've done a baby stats post, so I'll give it a whirl.  This kid needs some attention too.

How far along: 24 weeks. I actually had to use BabyCenter.com to look this up because for some reason, I can never remember. 
Weight Gain: around 9 pounds, depending on if I've had a good couple of days.  I still tend to have bouts of terrible morning sickness every now and then that last for 2 or 3 days and I'll lose about 4 or 5 pounds each time.  A week later I find them again.
Cravings: fresh vegetables, soup, real fruit smoothies minus the sugar
Aversions: sweet drinks, fried foods
What do I miss: being able to "suck-it-in"and my own jeans
What I'm enjoying: Ethan blowing bubbles on my belly and Emory's odes of love to "Ella".
Gender: don't know, but I think girl.  Heartrate is all over the place so no indicator there.
Names: pretty set on Ella Margaret for a girl, we think Asher Thomas for a boy but that's still up for debate.
What sets this pregnancy apart from the others: I'm still sick and I'm still working out just as hard as I was pre-pregnancy.