Tuesday, November 23, 2010

holiday doings...

... Due to the fact that I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I have been completely freed up to focus on Christmas.  We've already begun listening to Christmas music, donned a holiday outfit or two, and we've even had a visit from Buddy.  Who is Buddy?  Here at tribe Skocelai, we choose to believe that Santa assigns each family an elf.  This said Elf makes the families gifts and makes occasional visits to the home during the season to keep everybody's spirits up.  How much does he do?  Depends on your elf.  Ours is fairly low-key, choosing to make his rounds only once or twice a week.  I do know of elves who visit every night, they must be getting an extra dose of sugar each night.

Why do elves visit at night?  Because elves never sleep, or at least not as much as we do.  That's how they got the grand job of making toys for Christmas.  Otherwise, it would never get done. 

Last night our elf, Buddy, showed up and decorated our house.  He left some things out, like the wreath, because they were in a different storage unit, our smaller shed.  So, when we left cookies for his thank you gift we hid his thank you note to test his smartness.  We can't decide if he just didn't know that the wreath was missing, didn't know where to find it, or wanted to just to give us a jumpstart on the decorating.  I'm thinking the latter because he also left a dryer full of clean holiday dish towels for me to fold and put away (thanks for that, Buddy).

So, the house is completely decorated, the cookies have been baked and left for Buddy to enjoy tonight, and the big girl is completely psyched.  Her favorite part of the deco was a holly garland that Buddy wound through the rail on her daybed while she was sleeping last night.  I was awakened this morning by the following whisper, "Mom, there's a bush growing in my room."  She and I had fun discovering what Buddy had done in each room.

I'm interested to see if Buddy remains this tame or if he gets a bit more elfish as the season progresses.  I hope he doesn't get too terribly naughty!

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Nate and Molly said...

you are such a fun mom! Emory (and the other 2!) will have such fun childhood Christmas memories.