Friday, June 25, 2010

it's happening, i can't stop it...

.... though, goodness knows I've tried.  It's not that it's a bad thing, I just want to be young forever, and this is evidence that I'm not gonna be.  What's happening to me?  I'm becoming my mother.

Want evidence?  Here you go:

- I drink a pot of coffee all by myself, every day.

- I've recently begun to think that an elastci waist-band in a pair of jeans makes perfect sense.  Although, no, I do not own a pair... yet.

- My 2nd and 3rd children will be 18 months apart, just like the 2 brothers directly below me in the Steffler clan line-up.

- I carry a large cup of water with me wherever I go.

- And, just today, I've discovered I have an addiction to bags.  Not that I need all 100 that I own, but I can't stop buying them.

Yep, it was the bag one that enlightened me.  I'm my mom.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

feelin' dusty...

... Psalm 103:13-14 "As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him; for He knows how we are formed, He remembers that we are dust."

So, yea, I'm pregnant.  And, no, we weren't "planning" this right now.  Don't get me wrong.  We did want more children, just wanted them a tad later.  Yes, I am excited.  Yes, I am overwhelmed.  Yes, I am scared.  Yes, I am happy.

No, I am not scared because my Ethan and Ellis (baby #3, boy or girl) will be "close".  I am scared because I am discovering how frail I am.  Spiritually speaking.  I do want this baby.  I am not afraid of what it will cost me in terms of physical labor, time to myself, and room in a tiny house (remind me of this in about 30 weeks!).  I am afraid of failing my children.  And my husband.

There are so many days when I feel inadequate with the two I have now.  I answer questions more irritatedly that I wish I did.  I wave my kids off more frequently than I should.  Emory hears, "Just do what I told you to do!" far more than any child should.  I let exasperated sighs escape when I tend to Ethan's dirties, or when he just needs a cuddle off my time-table.  Geez.  Who wants a mama like that?

Yet, I have the promise of the Spirit of God to refresh me when I am weary and no one seems to be cooperating at bedtime.  I have the promise of the Spirit of God to fill me with joy and come up with some way to make my children laugh when I am feeling more sour than a Tear-jerker.  I have the promise of the Spirit of God to grant me wisdom when the big girl is acting out for attention, yet the baby has had seemingly none for days.

And, I have a delightful husband who will take a 2am feeding.  Who doesn't complain when dinner is a PB&J, as long as it is served with a smile.  Who gives the kiddos a bath and handles bedtime while I play on FB.  Who doesn't mind hunting down his clean clothes out of the dryer.

So, I close with Philipians 4:13, for Pete's sake... "I can do ALL THINGS through Him who gives me strength."  (I'm guessing this means even juggling 3 kids in a 3 bed/1 bath house!)

Friday, June 18, 2010

more from the funniest three-year-old on the planet...

... We've joined the pool.  Two weeks ago I paid a large sum of money, suffered the humiliation of posing for a photo badge, and voila!  we have tons of fun in the sun at least twice a week.  It is Emory's all-time most favorite thing to do.  (Yesterday she even swam to me, several times, with her face IN the water.  Cool stuff, I tell you.)  When we made our maiden voyage to the the cement tub of dreams, I impressed on Emory the importance of obeying the lifeguards.  "THEY are the boss of the pool.  You must do what THEY tell you to do.  THEY will blow their whistle at you if you do not follow the pool rules."  So, as all children are wont to do, she was running on the deck of the pool.  In all fairness, it is incredibly hard not to do when at the coolest place in the world.  Seems like torture to me, but I do get the wisdom in it.  And, like all lifeguards are wont to do, one of them casually hollered, "Hey!  Stop running."  Emory stopped, turned to look at him, looked front again, and skipped to her destination.  (Evidence of sharing genetic material with a mama who did cartwheels to the front of the class in first grade.)

At church a few weeks, Emory was running a-muck, and our Aimee corrected her.  "Emory, my children aren't allowed to do that, and I bet your daddy doesn't want you doing that either."  Aimee was right.  Our darling cherub looked her dead in the eye and said, "Well, my daddy is not talking to me right now."  Luckily, Aimee has enough sense of humor to have relayed the story with a smile.

And most recently, a desperate attempt to reach the tootsie rolls:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just for my parents...

.... Emory and I had a discussion today about where people who do not love Jesus go when they die.  Big stuff for a 3 year old, I am aware.  Rather than terrify her with the idea of physical torture, I tried to emphasize that the real tragedy for those who die before accepting Christ is that they can never ever get to God again. 

Here is how the conversation went:

E: "Are people who love their sin more than they love Jesus in heaven?"
M: "No, they go to a place called hell, where God can not go because the people there are wicked.  They never get a chance to love God again and they can't ever get to Him again."
E: " So, people who love their sin more than Jesus go there?  I don't want to love my sin more than Jesus.  I want to love Jesus more.  And my snack.  And my cup.  Do we know anyone there?" (I'm guessing she meant hell.)
M: "I don't think so, baby, but it is a real place."

Later on when we were in Ethan's room, he pitched a fit when I took his bottle away because he was dumping out it's contents on the rug and himself (can you see where this is going?).

E: "Mommy, is Ethan sinning right now?"
M: (oblivious to where she is headed) "Yes, baby, he is in sin right now."
E: "He needs to go to hell."

Score!  Two points to the mama who is endearing her children to each other!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you see it?

No?  Well, here, how 'bout now?

Still can't see it?  How's this?

Now can you see it? Yes! That's right! My children consumed the same thing for lunch today. Ladies and Gentleman, we've almost arrived....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tsk, tsk.....

I have a friend. I have a friend with a baby. I have a friend with a baby that Emory adores. Never mind that God has provided the kid with her very own baby brother, she prefers Isaiah. I guess it's only fair. There are times I prefer someone else's kids too.
Emory has decided that Isaiah is the baby to which all babies must be measured. As we were headed to the pool yesterday I heard Ethan creating an all too familiar sound. The sound of the velcro on the headrest on the reversible car seat being peeled off. Here is the ensuing conversation:

Mommy: "Emory, do you hear that noise? Do you see what Ethan is doing? You used to do the same thing when you were a baby."
Emory: *clucks her tounge* "I bet Isaiah doesn't pull on his carseat head rest."
Truth be told, Isaiah is a little imp. Eric calls him a lephrechan. He has that gleam in his eye. The one that surveys a room and within seconds is planning a bit of mischief. He cracks me up. It might actually be that Isaiah teaches Ethan a few things about mischief. Ethan strikes me as a happy to play by the rules kind of guy, while Isaiah seems bent on finding out if those boundaries really are there. I know a certain little girl like that. She's a delight and maddening all at once. Let it be known, that lephrecans can be trained to play nice, but you must never let your guard down. And you must hold the upper hand by always maintaining eye contact and NEVER let them see you falter or they WILL exploit your weakness.
Now, Ethan is up to his own mischief. Mostly, when left on his own because mommy is running around like crazy to get ready for VBS, which we are hosting at our house this week. Need proof?

Friday, June 4, 2010

crackin' me up!

Emory is so much fun these days, when she's not using her powers for evil.  Let's just say that the same personality quirk that makes her so darn funny also makes her so darn maddening at times.  Here are some of my most recent favorites:

On Sunday she was trusted to grab her own quarter and put it in her church bag.  The place where we keep a pen, a snack, a piece of gum to keep her quiet happy, and her offering.  When the plate was passed we rehearsed for the bazillioneth time that we do not take money out, we put money in, and quickly because others are waiting.  She has a fetish for money (sorry future Mr. Emory) and she takes great delight in eye-balling all the different monies people put in.  She will even grab it out to inspect it.  If she's not doing that, she's having a hard time parting with her precious quarter.  That I understand all too well.  However, this particular Sunday I realized her quarter was REALLY shiny, and gold.  Upon inspection, it was indeed a Chuck-E-Cheese token.  Eric and I had to hardest time controlling our laughter.

When we were leaving the Ulimate field last night to go home, Emory spotted a dog.  It was laying down and facing us.  She stopped, moved a little closer to me, and whispered, "be careful of that lion, Mom."  I guess if you're 3, a Vizsla could be mistaken for a female lion.

And lastly, when daddy was leaving for work, I was outside putting something into the car.  Emory had followed me, and was standing on the sidewalk waving goodbye.  I grabbed Bubba and brought him out to wave to Daddy too.  Since he has mastered the art of waving "bye-bye" (Ethan, not Eric), I wanted to show him blowing kisses too.  Not to be outdone, Emory began blowing kisses too.  Daddy returned one and Emory, in a rather exaggerated reaction, threw her head back, and grabbed her cheek.  Then she casually looked me in the eye and said, "That one got me."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

terribly productive.....

.... My friends, I have no idea how it happened, but I have been terribly productive today and it is only 9:43am.  So far today, I have gotten up, fed the children, dressed the children (Emory's hair is even combed!), and went to the store.  I've fallen hook, line, and sinker for Publix and it only took 5 days.  That's quite a fall.  By 8:15am, I had pulled out a wee bit of extra cash for the week to jump-start my stockpile-o-savings and was selecting the cleanest "car cart" with buckles that actually work.  Turns out, unlike Walmart, Publix believes in taking care of their buggies.

I spent $53.81 and saved $48.45.  Not bad.  We are stocked up on soup, granola bars, juice boxes, and swimmie diapers.  My favorite buys from today are the Del Monte fruit chillers (pack of 8, I think) that I nabbed for $.49 each, the Kid Cuisines I got for $1.20 each, and the swimmie diapers I scored for a sweet $5.  The gal at the service counter remembered my kids' names (always earns brownie points with me) and there is a precious, and I do mean precious, older black gentleman (think he's a bagger?) who followed me out to the car to tease me a little.  That ranks him pretty high in my book.

So, now the wee one is in his bed, the big one is playing outside, I have nothing left on my to-do list today except play with my children.... so, I think I will get to it and go play "Publix" with Emory. 

And, guess where you'll be finding me about 8am each Wednesday?