Friday, June 4, 2010

crackin' me up!

Emory is so much fun these days, when she's not using her powers for evil.  Let's just say that the same personality quirk that makes her so darn funny also makes her so darn maddening at times.  Here are some of my most recent favorites:

On Sunday she was trusted to grab her own quarter and put it in her church bag.  The place where we keep a pen, a snack, a piece of gum to keep her quiet happy, and her offering.  When the plate was passed we rehearsed for the bazillioneth time that we do not take money out, we put money in, and quickly because others are waiting.  She has a fetish for money (sorry future Mr. Emory) and she takes great delight in eye-balling all the different monies people put in.  She will even grab it out to inspect it.  If she's not doing that, she's having a hard time parting with her precious quarter.  That I understand all too well.  However, this particular Sunday I realized her quarter was REALLY shiny, and gold.  Upon inspection, it was indeed a Chuck-E-Cheese token.  Eric and I had to hardest time controlling our laughter.

When we were leaving the Ulimate field last night to go home, Emory spotted a dog.  It was laying down and facing us.  She stopped, moved a little closer to me, and whispered, "be careful of that lion, Mom."  I guess if you're 3, a Vizsla could be mistaken for a female lion.

And lastly, when daddy was leaving for work, I was outside putting something into the car.  Emory had followed me, and was standing on the sidewalk waving goodbye.  I grabbed Bubba and brought him out to wave to Daddy too.  Since he has mastered the art of waving "bye-bye" (Ethan, not Eric), I wanted to show him blowing kisses too.  Not to be outdone, Emory began blowing kisses too.  Daddy returned one and Emory, in a rather exaggerated reaction, threw her head back, and grabbed her cheek.  Then she casually looked me in the eye and said, "That one got me."

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