Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just for my parents...

.... Emory and I had a discussion today about where people who do not love Jesus go when they die.  Big stuff for a 3 year old, I am aware.  Rather than terrify her with the idea of physical torture, I tried to emphasize that the real tragedy for those who die before accepting Christ is that they can never ever get to God again. 

Here is how the conversation went:

E: "Are people who love their sin more than they love Jesus in heaven?"
M: "No, they go to a place called hell, where God can not go because the people there are wicked.  They never get a chance to love God again and they can't ever get to Him again."
E: " So, people who love their sin more than Jesus go there?  I don't want to love my sin more than Jesus.  I want to love Jesus more.  And my snack.  And my cup.  Do we know anyone there?" (I'm guessing she meant hell.)
M: "I don't think so, baby, but it is a real place."

Later on when we were in Ethan's room, he pitched a fit when I took his bottle away because he was dumping out it's contents on the rug and himself (can you see where this is going?).

E: "Mommy, is Ethan sinning right now?"
M: (oblivious to where she is headed) "Yes, baby, he is in sin right now."
E: "He needs to go to hell."

Score!  Two points to the mama who is endearing her children to each other!

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