Monday, April 27, 2009

good gracious, I'm cheap!

Last Monday at Walmart, Emory discovered Trix yogurt. It's selling point? It's colorful. Now, while I am not opposed to a splurge every now and then, it occurred to me that I've now upped the ante. She now asks for a specific color of yogurt and the white vanilla Activia I prefer to buy is not going to cut it. So, it occurred to me... food coloring! I used to do that all the time to jazz up the milk when I was teaching preschool. So, today Emory chose blue and was HAPPY about it. There was no fussing about the lack of vibrant, sugar-laden yogurt at lunch today. Just some lip smacking as she downed the blue vanilla yogurt with gusto.

And, I got to assuage my cheap conscience and purchase the large tub of yogurt that I can dish out Emory size portions from. How is it that I served my kid the same individual "snack size" carton of yogurt at all 3 meals yesterday? She ate some at each sitting and there was still enough to keep at the end of the day. Talk about a tiny appetite! Because I had already offered it to her 3 times and she had partaken each time, I could not bring myself to save it overnight for another run this morning. That is why I buy the big tub to dish out from!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a good reminder...

from Come Ye Sinners:
"None but Jesus can do helpless sinners good."

Thanks Spurgeon, I really needed that today. I'd forgotten that I not only needed Christ for my salvation, but for my sanctification as well. For some reason, lately I've been just digging deeper into myself when I am in need instead of running to the only One who can really help me. And guess what? I can dig all I want to, but there is really nothing there unless He puts it there. So, I guess I'd better go back to basics and pray like heck for the energy, desire, and even joy to make it through the next 5 minutes.

Thanks Spurgeon, I really needed that today.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here I sit checking e-mail, facebook friend statuses, and reading blogs. I've allotted myself 10 minutes and I have a cup of hot (albeit re-heated) coffee. After this I have laundry to sort and get in the washer, a bathroom to clean, a daughter's teeth to brush, a mommy whose appearance is sadly beyond hope these days, and some playtime with the tot. Emory is happily engaged in Sesame Street on the boob tube and I have plied her with snack and juice so I shouldn't have to be interrupted. Here comes the pitter-pat of some tiny feet (she really does have small feet!), my daughter enters my room, crosses her arms and announces with disdain, "It was yucky."

I howl with laughter because she really is just so darn cute, but inside I'm a tad bit frustrated. What is yucky, you ask? Well, Emory has a strange relationship with some foods. She really wants to eat them, will even ask for them, but after chewing them to death she just can't seem to swallow. I follow her to the living room and, sure enough, there are 3 slices of orange that she really tried to eat, but resulted in being deposited in the napkin I gave her. I'm getting smarter. At least I remembered to give her a napkin. So, now she's munching a granola bar. Go figure. The texture of an orange gets her but she snarfs down granola.

And, Robin, that belly shot is coming, but it is with much humiliation that I will post it. To put it simply, Ethan is a lot lower than Emory ever was. So, I feel like when I turn sideways there is a bump in the rear to match the one in the front and I have completely lost any resemblance to my former self. My friend, Lisbeth, at church was wearing a dress (a one-piece dress) on Sunday and I commented on her bravery. I will not wear anything that is not 2 piece past this point. I simply can not tolerate the tent affect caused by the bumps. And I so don't get it. I've been so much better this preganacy and have not gained nearly the weight I did with Emory, but my butt is so much bigger. Maybe all those old wives' tales about how you carry boys have a small smidgen of truth about them?

Monday, April 20, 2009

hodge podge...

it's gotta be the hormones!

Last night I had a dream. Even though there were no monsters and no one abducted my daughter, I think it can be classified as a nightmare. Are you ready? I actually dreamed that I was dating Billy Ray Cyrus and was looking forward to being Hannah Montana's stepmother. And, I thought he was cute. UGH! I'm definately blaming this one on those wierd dreams you get during pregnancy. *shudder*

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's about stinkin' time, eh?

Here are the best pictures from Easter afternoon. There aren't many, and we are lucky there are any at all, because Emory was waiting "patiently" to blow the bubbles that were in her Easter basket. A note about her dress. It was a steal that I found at a huge consignment sale I participate in every year (Kid's Market). Although it is no Strasburg original, it is a Silly Goose and I only paid $5.00 for it. That doesn't happen often, so I was super-excited this time!

Coming soon, some great pictures of a pretty princess and experimenting with make-up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I promise...

a newsier update is coming soon, and Easter pictures too! Right now you must satisfy yourself with the following:

- Emory has moved to her new "big girl" room and is finally accepting the change! We anticipated some popcorn action, but were completely blindsighted by the sheer terror she experienced when we put her to bed at night. We THINK we finally have a system that gets her down with minimal encor appearances and no discipline. Time will tell...

- I am ever so pregnant and befuddled. I feel exhausted ALL THE TIME, a condition not at all helped by the early morning appearances of a toddler who is proud that she remained in her bed until "it was sunshine". And, she always looks like she's actually been up for a while so I don't get to start slowly... My brain has apparently ceased to function at all, and I am amazed that any of us are still alive. Getting to the end of the day with the feeling that I worked really hard all day, yet have nothing to show for it, is becoming all too familar. Then again, getting out of bed itself is an olympic feat right now.

- I realized today that I am only 3 weeks away from my last trimester. How did that happen? And, I had to log on to my blog to see just how far along I was. I would have never forgotten which week I was in with Emory... Right now Ethan's room is a collection of all the junk we were storing in Emory's new room, which was formerly the guest room/office/storage room. This junk is awaiting it's final resting place in our new laundry room. Construction begins soon?

- We closed on our refinancing option this past Wednesday and I get to pick up a semi-fat check to go towards aforementioned laundry room. In about 2 weeks we will close on a second mortgage which will provide the remaining funds for the construction.

- Did I mention that I am exhausted? I'm stuck in a pit right now, probably pregancy related so I shouldn't take it too seriously, of feeling like I do more harm than good in this parenting thing. I haven't been able to read my Bible in the past 2 weeks because of our household schedule upheaval, and I feel so lost. I'm used to feasting on the Word for at least an hour eash morning before my family was up and I've haven't read gotten the hang of eating on the run since I no longer have that time. And, I feel like I am always either griping at my kid, or shooing her away and putting her off so that I can get one more thing done. I miss our lazy days of playing. Where did that go?

Enough for now. Next post will have more of what you really want... less of me and more of one amazingly adorable two-year-old.