Monday, April 27, 2009

good gracious, I'm cheap!

Last Monday at Walmart, Emory discovered Trix yogurt. It's selling point? It's colorful. Now, while I am not opposed to a splurge every now and then, it occurred to me that I've now upped the ante. She now asks for a specific color of yogurt and the white vanilla Activia I prefer to buy is not going to cut it. So, it occurred to me... food coloring! I used to do that all the time to jazz up the milk when I was teaching preschool. So, today Emory chose blue and was HAPPY about it. There was no fussing about the lack of vibrant, sugar-laden yogurt at lunch today. Just some lip smacking as she downed the blue vanilla yogurt with gusto.

And, I got to assuage my cheap conscience and purchase the large tub of yogurt that I can dish out Emory size portions from. How is it that I served my kid the same individual "snack size" carton of yogurt at all 3 meals yesterday? She ate some at each sitting and there was still enough to keep at the end of the day. Talk about a tiny appetite! Because I had already offered it to her 3 times and she had partaken each time, I could not bring myself to save it overnight for another run this morning. That is why I buy the big tub to dish out from!

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