Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Emory's little brother...

... last night, due to the generosity of some great friends, Eric and I got to sneak in one last date before we are the parents of 2 children. We had a Firebirds giftcard, so we headed over to Patton Creek for a night of dining and window shopping. After dinner we headed to World Market to torture ourselves with all the things we'd love to own but can't afford right now and we found this for Emory:

We left it until this morning since she was so very tired when we picked her up and we really wanted her to be able to enjoy her surprise. After breakfast and Daddy was finally up, we told her that we had a treat for her in the kitchen. We left it sitting on the counter and told her to pull it down and take a look.

She pulled the package down and stared at it for a moment and looked at us as if she were unsure as to what she was supposed to do. We asked her, "Who is that?" (side note: this kid is crazy about the movie Monsters Inc. so we thought this would be a great treat for her.) Breathlessly she turns to us and says, "Is it Ethan?"


Monday, July 27, 2009

another great conversation...

At dinner Emory decided her Daddy needed to go to time-out. She instructed hime to go sit in the corner. Since we've never put her in time-out in any place other than her room I was curious as to where she might have picked this method up. I asked, "Emory, who puts you in time-out in the corner?" She replied, "You know, that new lady prophet."


a strange conversation...

Well, I actually think most conversations with a two-year-old are strange, but I believe this one to be our strangest so far. We were on the way home from Wal-mart this morning and Emory announces to me:

"Mommy, Sam is the only one allowed to go to BooBoo Chicken." I have no idea which Sam she is referring to since there are several in our life.

"Emory, what do you do at BooBoo Chicken?"

"It's a place to shoot arrows." Oh, that makes total sense.

"What else do you do there?"

"You get your hair cut."

Curious now as to which Sam gets such a privilege I ask, "Which Sam is it that gets to go there?"

"The one who hits me." Hmmmm, interesting since the Sams in our life are either barely 1, in a different Sunday School class at church, or live in Bay St. Louis.

What creativity!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

before and after...

Somethin's in the water...

A couple of my friends have recently gotten a weekend (or longer!) to themselves without kids. Today, Emory has decided she wants her daddy all to herself, so they've headed off to get a donut and explore the McWane Center together. I'm a little jealous that I was not included, but her affections tend to be limited to whomever gets up with her on any given day. Eric let me sleep in today since it may be the last Saturday I can do that, and I ended up forcing myself out of the bed at 9:00! I NEVER sleep like that, unless I am 37 weeks pregnant, of course.

So, I will be using my unexpected free morning wisely. I need to locate the dust ruffle for the crib. I have no idea where it is and it is the only thing that keeps the cat from getting into the drawer that holds all the blankets and crib sheets. And, there is a couple of Kids Market stuff that needs to be tagged. And, I am trying to keep the house up to par since once a baby comes home getting things done will be next to impossible for a few weeks.

On a happy note, I was strep B negative, so I can come home earlier than I was able to with Emory. I HATE, HATE, HATE being in the hospital and having nurses check my vitals every 4 hours and taking my baby in and out of the room. I think it really is more of a control thing, that baby is my kid and I don't appreciate being made to feel like I "need" them to tell me what to do. Plus, there is the natural anxiety over how this is going to change our lives and I'm ready for it to just happen already so that we can get busy adjusting.

Here is my list of tried, yet sadly untrue, methods of at-home labor induction:
Maternity accupressure
Davenport's Pizza

There are more to be attempted, but they are more for comic relief instead of actually inducing labor:
Raspberry tea
A bumpy car ride
Spicy Mexican food

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Report from the doctor's appointment today...

Nada. Nuthin'. Zip. Zilch.

I'm gonna be pregnant forever.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Maybe it's because we are so very close to welcoming another member to the family, but lately I've been enjoying perusing some baby pictures of Emory. How does this cute baby...

become this big girl...

The great thing about having a second baby is that you've grown up a little more and are less likely to sweat the small stuff and just enjoy your baby while he/she is still a baby. The thing I am looking forward to the most (besides running again and fitting into my favorite clothes again?) is smelling Ethan's head! I love the way a baby's head smells...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stages of pregnancy...

While the medical world might divide pregnancy into trimesters, I think the following stages more aptly describes my personal experience:

Stage One (Weeks 1 to 8): Woohoo! I'm finally pregnant!

Stage Two (Weeks 9 to 20): I'm never gonna survive this morning sickness. This is definately our last child.

Stage Three (Weeks 21 to 32): This ain't so bad. It's kind of fun feeling that little guy rolling around in there.

Stage Four (Weeks 33 to 36): Is is hot in here or is it just me? And, has anybody seen my shoes? Oh! I'm already wearing them?

Stage Five (Weeks 36 to 40): Lord, please deliver me! Or, at least let me deliver tonight!

Stage Six (Immediately following birth of the child): That wasn't so bad. I'll definately do that again.

It's amazing how we forget, ain't it ladies?

And yes, I am "still" pregnant!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How we did the 4th of July...

The started out with Eric running to the clinic to do rounds and Emory and I cuddled up on the couch and watched Robin Hood. Actually, she watched while drinking her juice and eating a cereal bar and I caught a little more sleep! When Daddy came home we got busy emptying out the kitchen of all the furniture and appliances to get ready for the new floor and counters we are getting this week! Then it was off to the pool and home again for naps.

After naps we hung out and played and then headed out to watch fireworks. We had been prepping Emory for the event for a couple of weeks, but once we were actually on our way we faced an onslaught of anxious questions:

Will they be loud?
Will they be close?
Did I like them when I was a baby?
Do other children like them?
Will I be afraid?
Did you like fireworks when you were little?

And on and on until I told her she would just have to trust us not to take her somewhere that she would get hurt. She ended up really enjoying the fireworks and actually losing interest half-way through. After I made her take her hands off her ears, that is.

And then it was home again home again and off to bed. It was the first time in a long time that we spent the majority of the day together as a family and it felt so good! Next year will be interesting with a 11 month old in tow. Can't wait!