Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stages of pregnancy...

While the medical world might divide pregnancy into trimesters, I think the following stages more aptly describes my personal experience:

Stage One (Weeks 1 to 8): Woohoo! I'm finally pregnant!

Stage Two (Weeks 9 to 20): I'm never gonna survive this morning sickness. This is definately our last child.

Stage Three (Weeks 21 to 32): This ain't so bad. It's kind of fun feeling that little guy rolling around in there.

Stage Four (Weeks 33 to 36): Is is hot in here or is it just me? And, has anybody seen my shoes? Oh! I'm already wearing them?

Stage Five (Weeks 36 to 40): Lord, please deliver me! Or, at least let me deliver tonight!

Stage Six (Immediately following birth of the child): That wasn't so bad. I'll definately do that again.

It's amazing how we forget, ain't it ladies?

And yes, I am "still" pregnant!

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