Saturday, July 25, 2009

Somethin's in the water...

A couple of my friends have recently gotten a weekend (or longer!) to themselves without kids. Today, Emory has decided she wants her daddy all to herself, so they've headed off to get a donut and explore the McWane Center together. I'm a little jealous that I was not included, but her affections tend to be limited to whomever gets up with her on any given day. Eric let me sleep in today since it may be the last Saturday I can do that, and I ended up forcing myself out of the bed at 9:00! I NEVER sleep like that, unless I am 37 weeks pregnant, of course.

So, I will be using my unexpected free morning wisely. I need to locate the dust ruffle for the crib. I have no idea where it is and it is the only thing that keeps the cat from getting into the drawer that holds all the blankets and crib sheets. And, there is a couple of Kids Market stuff that needs to be tagged. And, I am trying to keep the house up to par since once a baby comes home getting things done will be next to impossible for a few weeks.

On a happy note, I was strep B negative, so I can come home earlier than I was able to with Emory. I HATE, HATE, HATE being in the hospital and having nurses check my vitals every 4 hours and taking my baby in and out of the room. I think it really is more of a control thing, that baby is my kid and I don't appreciate being made to feel like I "need" them to tell me what to do. Plus, there is the natural anxiety over how this is going to change our lives and I'm ready for it to just happen already so that we can get busy adjusting.

Here is my list of tried, yet sadly untrue, methods of at-home labor induction:
Maternity accupressure
Davenport's Pizza

There are more to be attempted, but they are more for comic relief instead of actually inducing labor:
Raspberry tea
A bumpy car ride
Spicy Mexican food

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