Monday, July 27, 2009

a strange conversation...

Well, I actually think most conversations with a two-year-old are strange, but I believe this one to be our strangest so far. We were on the way home from Wal-mart this morning and Emory announces to me:

"Mommy, Sam is the only one allowed to go to BooBoo Chicken." I have no idea which Sam she is referring to since there are several in our life.

"Emory, what do you do at BooBoo Chicken?"

"It's a place to shoot arrows." Oh, that makes total sense.

"What else do you do there?"

"You get your hair cut."

Curious now as to which Sam gets such a privilege I ask, "Which Sam is it that gets to go there?"

"The one who hits me." Hmmmm, interesting since the Sams in our life are either barely 1, in a different Sunday School class at church, or live in Bay St. Louis.

What creativity!

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