Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When you're 2...

You really shouldn't get to make judgements about the sizes of others. Of course, everyone is bigger than you. You're not even 3 feet tall yet and you only weigh 27 pounds! Today the sweetest contractor in the world was standing in my kitchen outlining for me what will happen next in "Project Laundry Room and New Kitchen". Emory was standing there looking from him to me. I could tell some wheels were turning but I had no idea what was about to come out of her mouth. This gentle soul, our contractor, paused to catch a breath and Emory saw her chance to make herself heard, "Mommy! His tummy is even bigger than yours!" Rats! I hope his hearing is going bad from all the hammering he endures...

what he used the internet for...

My hubby is not computer savvy in the least. Don't get me wrong, he's an absolutely brilliant man. Probably has more smarts than anyone else I've ever met (sorry Dad!), but computers just ain't his thang. So, I was mildly surprised to discover that he used the internet to order my birthday gift. I know he used it before I knew what I was getting because he asked for instructions on how to use Paypal. After getting instructions he still opted to send in a check and let the delivery be a little past my big day.

Anyhoo, he had ordered some Indelible Grace cd's that have some of my favorite hymns on them. I've really been wanting some "grown-up" music that Emory would also enjoy. She loves what we sing in church and asks me all week to help her sing whatever we sang that past Sunday. Now we can have accompaniment! One of my favoritest songs ever is "Jesus I My Cross Have Taken" and while I won't post the whole thing, I will share my favorite portion with you:

Think what Spirit dwells within you
Think what Father's smiles are thine
Think that Jesus died to win you
Child of heaven canst thou repine?

I mean, come on! If you are a friend of Jesus, reconciled to God by His own Son's death, how those words not give you the shivers and cause you to renew your commitment to Him once again! If you are a Christian, the God of the universe calls you His very own. AWESOME! Thanks, Baby, for a great gift!

out of the mouth of babes...

This morning, Emory and I were indulging in some water color painting at the table. Emory, who had been treated to purple dino ice cream Friday, asked me to paint a picture of a purple dinosaur. I am no artist, but I tried my best. What I actually created was a disproportionate purple brontosaurus.

Emory: "What is that?"
Me: "It's a purple long-neck."
Emory: "Is this the tail?" pointing to what I had intended to be the neck.
Me: "No, that's the long neck, here is his tail. He just has really big buns."
Emory: "Like you?"

Monday, June 29, 2009


Since it has been 72 hours and no one else in the Skocelai household has gotten sick, I think I might venture to say we're in the clear! Praise God! I have never prayed so hard for my family. That was one virus that really took it out of me, but I'm glad to be done with it and moving on... Because I was out of commission for a few days there is much to do today. But, props to the daddy for a terrific job taking charge and caring for the tot and the house while I whimpered and slept for almost 2 days straight. What a great guy! And, Emory had so much fun between going to a friend's house both Friday morning and Saturday evening, a birthday party Saturday morning, a date with daddy on Friday night that involved a Krystal just-her-size cheeseburger and purple dino ice cream from Bruesters, and then an ice cream social at church last night and lots of play with good friends.... I think she's ready for me to be out of commission when Ethan comes! Thanks to everyone who helped us out this past weekend!

So, off to the weekly Walmart run, do all the laundry that accumulated while I was sick, pick up belated b'day gifts, pick up baby shower gifts for next week, and prepare more freezer meals for when baby boy gets here. And, I just heard the tot's door open. Monday, here we come!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Friday, for the first time in Emory's life, I was sick enough to be unable to care for her. I had a nasty virus Thursday evening which left me out for the day on Friday. Our original plan was for her daddy to take care of her, but after putting a call into the clinic he discovered that not only were there several procedures scheduled, they had also double-booked appointments. So, we had to call in re-enforcement's. Since neither of us has any family in town, or even remotely close, we called a close friend to see if she could keep Emory. True to her selfless nature, Renie gave up her only day off this week to keep my kid. AND, her hubby has been out of town most of this month, so you know she is exhausted!

Emory came home with a picture she had painted, beautiful fingernails and toenails, and a rotten attitude that we had spoiled her fun by picking her up. I think she enjoyed herself immensely. Thank you, Renie! Here is a photo of the kids enjoying their time together:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Serving God and mammon...

Emory and I were playing "drive-thru" while outside today (do not judge what this might say about our lifestyle!). I was the customer and she was the cashier. I needed some money in order to be able to play and she told me I couldn't have any. I pretended to pout (what a great example!) and she replied, "You don't need money, Mom. You have God!"

Reading Bible Stories...

Emory has a series of Bible story books that were given to me at my baby shower when I was pregnant with her. She loves them! Our original intent was to use them for family worship, but we've really struggled with how that should look for our family when our oldest child is only two-years-old. We don't want to embitter our kids with boring family devotions and cause them to dread the time the family spends reading God's word together, but we also don't want to cheapen the reading of God's word and allow it to become a frivolous activity.

While I think there is definitely a place and argument for an organized family worship time, my husband has decided it is to come later when our children are a mite older and can communicate what they would like to study with us. I happily acquiesce to his leadership on this matter! But, the problem still remains of exposing our children to the Word before they are "ready" for a sit-down family worship.

Here is our solution(s): We've always offered her Bible story books as an option for her bedtime reading and she has usually chosen one to be a part of her reading. When we moved Emory to the big girl bed she had a bit of a freak out that we never anticipated, so my mom suggested reading Scripture at lights out to help calm her fears. It worked immediately and is still part of our routine. We have a read-the-Bible-in-a-year that breaks the readings down for us. There is an OT, NT, Psalm, and a Proverb reading each night. (We've actually been skipping the OT reading because it has been the wars of Joshua and it is actually pretty gory. Not that we're opposed to exposing her to such reading, just not the wisest thing right before she sleeps!) This takes about 10 minutes and we do it after we turn out the lights and her sleep machine is already on.

As she gets older and more verbal, we are actually having conversations about what we are reading. Add to that the great CD's we have from Jamie Soles, and we've found that we have fallen into family worship all day long, which has been such a blessing. We are constantly discussing God's word, His requirements, His blessings to us, and our responsibilities to please Him with our behavior. And, it is so pleasing to hear her reading Bible stories to her baby dolls and praying on the potty. I really need to get that one on video, but I can't figure out how to do it without ruining the moment.

Today she read me a Bible story and here is how it went:

"This is from John 2. John the baptist was walking up a hill and saw Jesus in a tree. He said, 'Jesus, you come down. I want to come to your house.' And Jesus said, 'No, I can't do that. That would be disobeying.'"

I love it! At least seeds are being sown for her heart to recall later.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Why do all things seem to converge on the same day? It is unbearably hot here, I am 2 days away from being 33 weeks pregnant, and my air conditioner has worked hard all day and has yet to get the household temp. below 80 degrees. We headed out to Walmart and my darling daughter decided to act every bit of her 2 years. Blissfully, she has been down for a nap for almost 2 hours now, so she may get to keep her life today.

Today is my busiest day of the week, catching up from the weekend and all and then getting ready for a new week ahead. There has been much to do and of all days, I can't seem to catch a deep breath. Guess that happens when you've got a kid punching your diaphragm every few moments. I really can't wait to have Ethan here!

On the upside, I turn 32 years old this week! While I do not relish the thought of being older, I love a good excuse to party. My annual Johnny Ray's lemon icebox pie is residing in the fridge. I can't wait to get into it! My wonderful friends are planning a girl's night this week in honor of mine and another gal's big day. My hubby has been ever so secretive about my gift, but I do know he had to use the internet because he needed instructions on how to use Paypal, so I am deeply intrigued. And, I don't have to cook dinner one night this week!

Tomorrow I get to go (BY MYSELF!) to pick out my new flooring, counter tops, and cabinet hardware for my kitchen facelift. What gal doesn't love to do that? The eletricians were here and done early today, the plumber finished Friday, so all that is left to do this week is the sheetrock, painting the exterior and interior of my new laundry room, and hopefully next week my kitchen gets torn apart! Eric goes tomorrow to pick out our new dishwasher. Why him and not me? Because he's way better at that kind of stuff and I really don't want to have to think about it. I'm completely fine with deferring to what he thinks would be the best dishwasher for our family.

My life feels like one of extremes right now, but I'll take it. It's my life and I really am lovin' it. Except the part from 11:00 to 12:00 today when Emory acted like the kid we all swear we'll never have in public. That I could do without. But, at least I got a "good" opportunity for some training, right?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm priviledged to be a member of a church where there are some incredibly Godly and wise women. One of these women is leading a short Bible study this summer. I've also been priviledged to be meeting with her one-on-one this past year on the day Emory was at "school". After many, many years of praying for such a relationship. God has answered and my soul has become rather fat this past year. Make that obese. I've been fed so well in so many ways and I've recently been convicted to stop hoarding all this good stuff I'm getting fed and to start sharing a little of my feast with others, primarily my family.

Back to the Bible study... we are going through the book Her Name Is Woman, and it focuses in some key female players from Scripture that we can definately learn from. Some is the how to kind of learning and some is the how not to kind. This past week we started with Eve, and the following was a quote at the beginning of the chapter:

"The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made of his head to rule over him, nor of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved." (Matthew Henry)

I love this description of what we think was God's intention when He chose the rib and not another part of Adam's body. Of course, it is Father's Day, which has brought reflection on the father God chose for my children. At one point, I was under the impression that the father of my kids would be someone else entirely, mainly because I was married to someone else before God brought me my Beloved. However, I am constantly amazed at who and what God had in store for me when that first marriage went straigh to hell 2 years in. And I am so glad it did!

The man with whom I've begun a family is AMAZING! Seriously, I don't know when I've ever known a more selfless man. Even on a day when I completely expected to pick up a little more slack so that he could relax a bit, and maybe thinking that meant keeping the tot out of his hair a bit, his perspective was a bit different. Because it is Father's day he wanted to spend his day being that - a Father and not a lazy bum :), which really would have been fine and I would have never faulted him for it. So, I ended up getting most of the day off instead of him. He's a pretty cool guy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quote of the day..

Setting: Emory is seated on the potty, legs a swingin'

Quote: "Look at your big belly, Momma. It's AMAZING!"

Yes it is, Baby Girl, yes it is.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Works for me Wednesday...

HEY! It's been a while, so you're gonna get a two-fer today.

First up is post-partum freezer meals. I so did not even consider doing this when I was pregnant with Emory, but you live and learn. Our church very graciously provides what adds up to almost 3 weeks of meals after your baby comes. And this ministry is headed up by one terrific gal to boot, who really knows her way around a kitchen. We all know that your need for meals post-baby extends for another couple of months, realistically. Especially since you never know if you are in for a wild ride or not in regards to colic, gas, and general evening baby fussiness. We never had any of that with Emory, so I figure I got it coming, right?

Anyhoo, starting this week (which is week 31, I would suggest starting this a week earlier at week 30), I am making one casserole part of my weekly meal planning. On whichever night I decide to prepare this casserole, I plan to double it and freeze the extra half. I even bought a ton of those throw-away roaster pans from Walmart. And instead of using the stupid plastic tops that they come with, I am chunking those and just using foil to cover it and thereby cut down on space wasted in my (extra) freezer. I even have labels and am writing the name of each casserole and cooking instructions on each one.

This has really not created any extra work for me in a trimester when getting out the recliner to answer the phone is a chore. I'm looking forward to not having to think about dinner for a while once Ethan gets here and not having to send Eric out quite so often for take-out on those night when dinner, much less a shower, just doesn't happen!

Next up, wedding gifts and prayer. What? I really don't think this was an original idea, but I can not remember who to credit for this. If it was you, please speak up so that I can thank you. Anyways, I tried to remember who gave me what when we got married. Granted, I had the added benefit of being older and already been there once before. Whenever I use a gift or admire a pretty thing someone gave us, I try to remember to pray for the gift giver. This, of course, can be used for all gifts you might receive, but typically those who give me Christmas and birthday gifts are already those that I routinely pray for. Praying for those who gave me wedding gifts means I pray for a lot of people I otherwise might never pray for.

And there you go. Just a couple of things that work for me!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

beach photos!

maybe this will make the rehearsal dinner montage one day?!

a little bit of beach dancing...

what delights a kid more than feeding wildlife?

happily digging in the sand...

extreme concentration, notice the tounge...

this kid really doesn't go anywhere without making a friend...

what beach trip is complete without flying a kite?

snugglin' and watching cartoons in bed, something she NEVER gets to do (but only because there is only one TV in this house and it is not in a bedroom!)...

Friday, June 5, 2009

that's not what i meant!

Emory's daddy is away tonight working at Beerfest in order to get free admission and tasting tomorrow, so it was just the girls. Initially I panicked about what I would find to amuse her without spending any money or eating any junk food. However, after making it a matter of much prayer all day, I got my answer. We headed to the park near our home, fed the ducks and turtles, played on the very small playground, and took a walk around the lake. Emory had brought her baby and stroller, so we pointed out things in nature for baby to enjoy.

After dinner and a quick bath, Emory asked to watch a video. Normally the TV stays off in the evenings, but I took some medicine today that has left me feeling soo very foggy, so I relented. She chose a very old episode of Muppet Show and was happily entertained while I got some things done. After her video, she found me and announced (rather quietly) "I don't have anything in my mouth."

Hmmm... any time she finds me and volunteers that kind of information, you know that there is most definitely something in her mouth that she figures I wouldn't want her to have in there. So, I asked, "Emory, do you have something in your mouth?" "No ma'am." (still obviously rolling something around in there). Change of tactics here, "Emory, give Momma what is in your mouth." She reaches in and pulls out a black screw.

Horrified, I launched into a lecture on what lying is, how God hates lying, and what exactly will happen the next time she lies to me. Eyes wide, she nods and takes it all in. Inwardly satisfied with myself, we moved on to picking out the books she wanted before bedtime. On our way to her bed, the screw catches her eye as I had laid it on top of her bookcase. She points to it and tells me, "That's a lie. We don't put lies in our mouth." ARRGHHH!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i promise...

because I know you are all holding your breath and waiting; beach pictures really are coming soon. I've had loads more to do than I think I should have and I can't figure out why, except I must be moving more slowly these days. Eric has a Netflix that I'm not sure I'm gonna be into, so maybe after the dinner dishes are done, the laundry is folded, and the floor is swept I can get crackin' on getting those pictures uploaded. And no, there are absolutely none of your truly. Really! Who wants a photo record of a 28 week pregnant woman in a bathing suit? GROSS!