Monday, June 29, 2009


Since it has been 72 hours and no one else in the Skocelai household has gotten sick, I think I might venture to say we're in the clear! Praise God! I have never prayed so hard for my family. That was one virus that really took it out of me, but I'm glad to be done with it and moving on... Because I was out of commission for a few days there is much to do today. But, props to the daddy for a terrific job taking charge and caring for the tot and the house while I whimpered and slept for almost 2 days straight. What a great guy! And, Emory had so much fun between going to a friend's house both Friday morning and Saturday evening, a birthday party Saturday morning, a date with daddy on Friday night that involved a Krystal just-her-size cheeseburger and purple dino ice cream from Bruesters, and then an ice cream social at church last night and lots of play with good friends.... I think she's ready for me to be out of commission when Ethan comes! Thanks to everyone who helped us out this past weekend!

So, off to the weekly Walmart run, do all the laundry that accumulated while I was sick, pick up belated b'day gifts, pick up baby shower gifts for next week, and prepare more freezer meals for when baby boy gets here. And, I just heard the tot's door open. Monday, here we come!

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