Friday, June 5, 2009

that's not what i meant!

Emory's daddy is away tonight working at Beerfest in order to get free admission and tasting tomorrow, so it was just the girls. Initially I panicked about what I would find to amuse her without spending any money or eating any junk food. However, after making it a matter of much prayer all day, I got my answer. We headed to the park near our home, fed the ducks and turtles, played on the very small playground, and took a walk around the lake. Emory had brought her baby and stroller, so we pointed out things in nature for baby to enjoy.

After dinner and a quick bath, Emory asked to watch a video. Normally the TV stays off in the evenings, but I took some medicine today that has left me feeling soo very foggy, so I relented. She chose a very old episode of Muppet Show and was happily entertained while I got some things done. After her video, she found me and announced (rather quietly) "I don't have anything in my mouth."

Hmmm... any time she finds me and volunteers that kind of information, you know that there is most definitely something in her mouth that she figures I wouldn't want her to have in there. So, I asked, "Emory, do you have something in your mouth?" "No ma'am." (still obviously rolling something around in there). Change of tactics here, "Emory, give Momma what is in your mouth." She reaches in and pulls out a black screw.

Horrified, I launched into a lecture on what lying is, how God hates lying, and what exactly will happen the next time she lies to me. Eyes wide, she nods and takes it all in. Inwardly satisfied with myself, we moved on to picking out the books she wanted before bedtime. On our way to her bed, the screw catches her eye as I had laid it on top of her bookcase. She points to it and tells me, "That's a lie. We don't put lies in our mouth." ARRGHHH!

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Grace Kajdos said...

Oh my! What a doll! I am sure it is very frustrating to you, but it is so adorable how her mind works!