Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Works for me Wednesday...

HEY! It's been a while, so you're gonna get a two-fer today.

First up is post-partum freezer meals. I so did not even consider doing this when I was pregnant with Emory, but you live and learn. Our church very graciously provides what adds up to almost 3 weeks of meals after your baby comes. And this ministry is headed up by one terrific gal to boot, who really knows her way around a kitchen. We all know that your need for meals post-baby extends for another couple of months, realistically. Especially since you never know if you are in for a wild ride or not in regards to colic, gas, and general evening baby fussiness. We never had any of that with Emory, so I figure I got it coming, right?

Anyhoo, starting this week (which is week 31, I would suggest starting this a week earlier at week 30), I am making one casserole part of my weekly meal planning. On whichever night I decide to prepare this casserole, I plan to double it and freeze the extra half. I even bought a ton of those throw-away roaster pans from Walmart. And instead of using the stupid plastic tops that they come with, I am chunking those and just using foil to cover it and thereby cut down on space wasted in my (extra) freezer. I even have labels and am writing the name of each casserole and cooking instructions on each one.

This has really not created any extra work for me in a trimester when getting out the recliner to answer the phone is a chore. I'm looking forward to not having to think about dinner for a while once Ethan gets here and not having to send Eric out quite so often for take-out on those night when dinner, much less a shower, just doesn't happen!

Next up, wedding gifts and prayer. What? I really don't think this was an original idea, but I can not remember who to credit for this. If it was you, please speak up so that I can thank you. Anyways, I tried to remember who gave me what when we got married. Granted, I had the added benefit of being older and already been there once before. Whenever I use a gift or admire a pretty thing someone gave us, I try to remember to pray for the gift giver. This, of course, can be used for all gifts you might receive, but typically those who give me Christmas and birthday gifts are already those that I routinely pray for. Praying for those who gave me wedding gifts means I pray for a lot of people I otherwise might never pray for.

And there you go. Just a couple of things that work for me!

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