Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what he used the internet for...

My hubby is not computer savvy in the least. Don't get me wrong, he's an absolutely brilliant man. Probably has more smarts than anyone else I've ever met (sorry Dad!), but computers just ain't his thang. So, I was mildly surprised to discover that he used the internet to order my birthday gift. I know he used it before I knew what I was getting because he asked for instructions on how to use Paypal. After getting instructions he still opted to send in a check and let the delivery be a little past my big day.

Anyhoo, he had ordered some Indelible Grace cd's that have some of my favorite hymns on them. I've really been wanting some "grown-up" music that Emory would also enjoy. She loves what we sing in church and asks me all week to help her sing whatever we sang that past Sunday. Now we can have accompaniment! One of my favoritest songs ever is "Jesus I My Cross Have Taken" and while I won't post the whole thing, I will share my favorite portion with you:

Think what Spirit dwells within you
Think what Father's smiles are thine
Think that Jesus died to win you
Child of heaven canst thou repine?

I mean, come on! If you are a friend of Jesus, reconciled to God by His own Son's death, how those words not give you the shivers and cause you to renew your commitment to Him once again! If you are a Christian, the God of the universe calls you His very own. AWESOME! Thanks, Baby, for a great gift!

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