Tuesday, June 30, 2009

out of the mouth of babes...

This morning, Emory and I were indulging in some water color painting at the table. Emory, who had been treated to purple dino ice cream Friday, asked me to paint a picture of a purple dinosaur. I am no artist, but I tried my best. What I actually created was a disproportionate purple brontosaurus.

Emory: "What is that?"
Me: "It's a purple long-neck."
Emory: "Is this the tail?" pointing to what I had intended to be the neck.
Me: "No, that's the long neck, here is his tail. He just has really big buns."
Emory: "Like you?"

1 comment:

Beth said...

Ouch! But, I think I resemble that remark. And that dinosaur!