Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pure joy...

It really is easy to make a kid happy. It's the small things that matter most. Sounds so very sappy, but it's true. There's a reason a cliche is a cliche. It is a tried and true truth.

Aunt Grace's birthday was this past weekend. Now while I did remember a gift for her, I did not bake anything to commemorate the day. I know, I suck. But, she dropped by with cupcakes for us. It kind of shamed me a little. But, to be fair, I was growing a whole new person in my body no less than 6 weeks ago. And, yes, I get to play that card for another couple of weeks. Having another human inhabit your body is a big deal!

Today after lunch I told Emory that I had saved the last cupcake for her. This involved fending her daddy off and baking cookies for him late last night to satisfy his urge for something sweet. It must have seemed to good to be true, because she pulled down the pan the cupcakes lived in for a peek. She lifted the foil off the top, a huge grin spread across her face, and she shouted, "HALLELUJAH!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a great husband...

- Rocks the over-tired infant to sleep so that you can give your big girl some undivided attention.

- Changes the pooped on crib sheets without being asked.

- Doesn't complain when his dinner is not only late, but still frozen after baking for an hour.

- Microwaves not only his own late, cold dinner, but yours as well.

- Spends one of his only 2 Saturdays off working hard to keep the house in good repair.

- Takes the big girl out for a date after having worked all morning on the house, when you know he really wants to be watching football.

- Makes fun of your sleep deprived delirium, thereby helping you not to take yourself so seriously.

- Schemes how he can get away with you for a long weekend once the baby is sleeping through the night.

- Schemes how he can get you to take a girl's trip once the baby is sleeping through the night.

- Gets up with the two-year-old in the middle of the night and in the morning, without complaint and without expecting favors.

- Takes you out for an ice cream dinner.

- Still finds you beautiful, even with a 6 week post-partum body.

- Is your biggest cheerleader, confidant, helper, and best friend.

I have a great husband!

Thank you for all you're doing to help our family adjust to our new blessing. I love you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

one smart cookie...

Emory and I attended a birthday party this weekend. When we took our leave, we were handed a goody bag with the name "Emily" written beautifully in glitter on the front. Without being obnoxious, I gently tried to probe as the the whereabouts of Emory's, and not Emily's, goody bag. I was quickly informed, without a real explanation, that I was in fact holding Emory's goody bag. I'm the only one who seemed to notice that the bag had the wrong name on it.

I shrugged it off, thinking Emory won't care because she won't know the difference. And, it happens more than you think, people confusing her name. We usually have to correct people from thinking her name is Anne Marie, but we get Emily sometimes too. On the way home, she was happily checking out her loot when all of the sudden there was this question from the backseat, "Hey Mom! Doesn't my name have an O in it?" I laughed and told her it did. She handed me the goody bag and informed me that this bag was not hers. Drat!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

it's an epidemic!

There is something strange happening these days around the Skocelai household. We have, what I've coined, "spill-itis". Every day, and I kid you not, either Eric or I will knock over a completly full glass of water. This never happened until we brought the man-child home. I'm guessing it is a secondary infection brought on by the primary infection of ain't-nobody-gettin'-no-sleep-around-here fever. Now, the boy is sleeping better that we deserve. He seems to have now dropped down to one feeding in the middle of the night, and is easier to talk into going back to sleep after eating. But, someone has forgotten to tell the big sister.
Last week she was waking up at 5:00 to poop. That was quickly rectified by eliminating all juice boxes she was getting out of the extreme mommy guilt I feel for having added another child to the household and thereby decreasing the amount of time she and I have together. Then, it was bad dreams at 12:00am, 2:00am, and 4:00am. And then last night, at 3:00, she was hot. Then, she had to pee. Then she was thirsty. The fourth time her door opened, I didn't even ask her what she needed/wanted. I just threw her back in bed and dared her to get back up again. She didn't. She really is intelligent.
I was so worked up because I felt robbed of precious sleep, that it took me a long time to settle back down myself. Just as I had drifted off, the baby finally called for his meal. Now, this precious boy slept from 10:00 until 4:00ish. And then went back down until a little after 7:30am. I can taste it - we're inching towards a full night's rest. Now, if someone would just tell the almost three-year-old who slept wonderfully until we gave up the paci and moved to a big bed. Curses!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

shells and cheese...

Emory and I have been on a quest to find a really good box of easy mac and cheese for me to whip up at lunch time. Sadly, we are spoiled by my usual home-made mac and cheese and nothing measures up. The problem with home-made mac and cheese is that it is not easy to whip it up if you decide you have a hankering. My recipe takes about an hour to prepare and I don't usually have the ingredients on hand. Let's just say it is a heart attack in a pyrex dish.

Today we were eating our Aunt Annie's shells and cheese and Emory posed this particular question to me:

"Mom, did there used to be turtles in these shells?"

I may have really dumbed down my standards for the time being but I promise I have not sunk that low. Yet....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

look what we did after nap today...

Ain't she pretty? It was time. It's been on my list for a while now and I finally got up the courage to do it. Emory really didn't want to cut her hair, but conceded after I promised her a diet coke of her very own, and she wouldn't have to share it with me. This is her big girl haircut, she's no longer a toddler and it was time to let go of the toddler-ish hair cut and get something a little more mature. Her daddy is not too happy with me, but in all fairness, I told him it was coming. Maybe I'll be more sympathetic when it comes time for Ethan's big boy cut.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

some great Emmy moments...

On Tuesday, I picked the big girl up from school. Daddy was home with the little boy, so I took advantage and ran some errands. Not only were the errands done more quickly with just one kid, but I also got some quality time with my first born. Anyhoo, she spotted a fish on the back of a car that was in the lane next to us.

"What is that on the back of that car, mommy?"
"It's a fish, Emory. People put those on the back of their cars to tell others that they love God."
"Mommy! We need a fish!"
(Glad to see she's gettin' it!)

And tonight she got out of bed needing to potty. The television, to my husband's great delight, is in full view from our potty. It's just the way the house happens to be laid out. Well, Emory insisted on the door being closed while she went tee-tee. I asked her why and her reply was, "I don't want the people on the TV to see me naked." I guess all those modesty talks have been taken to heart as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

more babies?...

At dinner, as I was balancing a bottle and trying to eat my dinner at the same time, I asked Emory if we should have any more babies - a question I always seem to be asking myself when we have a newborn in the house. Her answer was "YES!". Daddy asked her her how many more and she said, "TWO!" He looked at me and said, "That would be 4!" Eyes wide because neither one of us can contemplate that right now in our sleep-deprived state. I asked her what we should name them. "Kiki and Doody." was her witty answer. Kids...

Monday, September 7, 2009

living with a newborn...

... yes, everything in this household revolves around that very fact. Our schedule, our play, and even our moods are affected by our tiny bundle of joy. Now, our bundle is easy, as far as newborns go, but he's still a whole lotta work! It's exhausting! But, it's fun too. The novelty is wearing off a tad and I'm really ready for some interaction with my son.

My friend, Renie, sent me this great link to a blog that has a terrific description of life with a newborn:

And on the sweeter side of things, here is Femina's latest post about a Father's love for His children and our reflection of Him in our lives:

Happy reading!

Friday, September 4, 2009

a whole new way of life...

... and it totally revolves around catching some Z's whenever one can. I cheerfully pull Ethan duty and Eric has taken over the big sister who is an early riser. Let me tell you, this is an act of service on his part. The man still routinely sleeps until 8:00 every day. And, he thinks this is normal! He's a true night owl, while I am not. I have a hard time sleeping past 6:30, unless I have a new baby in the house. Then, I can sleep whenever I get still.

Ethan is up at least twice a night. Once around 2:00 and again at 5:00. He is usually down for the night sometime between 9:00 and 10:00. So, he is giving me a good stretch at the front end. It's just hard to get to bed when he does when that is the only time hubby and I have together with both kids down.

Even though I am up more and my sleep is slightly more disturbed than Eric's, no one but Ethan is truly well rested in this house. Eric has an incredibly hard time getting to bed "on time" in order to get a good 8 hours before his 6:00am wake-up call. And, sometimes that wake-up call comes at 5:30am! So, he's sluggish too. Once or twice this week, since I was already up feeding Ethan at 6:00, I pulled double duty and let daddy sleep in until his normal wake-up time. I figure there is no need for both parents to be strung out. One of us needs to stay sane and rested.

I had no idea how quickly Emory was adjusting to this new way of living until this morning. When she came out of her room and saw me in the living room, instead of her daddy, she matter-of-factly asked, "Is it daddy's turn for extra rest this morning?"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Completely and unashamedly borrowed from Wonder Girl's blog:

Reading: Baby Wise (never say never!)

Drinking: lots of coffee

Listening: to the chatter of a two-year-old

Feeling: tired, so very very tired

Watching: re-runs of The Office

Snacking: who gets to eat?

Humming: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Wearing: what I slept in

Cooking: not yet, still receiving meals from church! what an awesome service!!!

Paying: for 2 day a week preschool for the two, almost three-year-old

Dreaming: of a full night's sleep

Smelling: like I need a shower

Loving: having a baby boy

Anticipating: that first grin