Monday, September 21, 2009

one smart cookie...

Emory and I attended a birthday party this weekend. When we took our leave, we were handed a goody bag with the name "Emily" written beautifully in glitter on the front. Without being obnoxious, I gently tried to probe as the the whereabouts of Emory's, and not Emily's, goody bag. I was quickly informed, without a real explanation, that I was in fact holding Emory's goody bag. I'm the only one who seemed to notice that the bag had the wrong name on it.

I shrugged it off, thinking Emory won't care because she won't know the difference. And, it happens more than you think, people confusing her name. We usually have to correct people from thinking her name is Anne Marie, but we get Emily sometimes too. On the way home, she was happily checking out her loot when all of the sudden there was this question from the backseat, "Hey Mom! Doesn't my name have an O in it?" I laughed and told her it did. She handed me the goody bag and informed me that this bag was not hers. Drat!

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