Thursday, September 10, 2009

some great Emmy moments...

On Tuesday, I picked the big girl up from school. Daddy was home with the little boy, so I took advantage and ran some errands. Not only were the errands done more quickly with just one kid, but I also got some quality time with my first born. Anyhoo, she spotted a fish on the back of a car that was in the lane next to us.

"What is that on the back of that car, mommy?"
"It's a fish, Emory. People put those on the back of their cars to tell others that they love God."
"Mommy! We need a fish!"
(Glad to see she's gettin' it!)

And tonight she got out of bed needing to potty. The television, to my husband's great delight, is in full view from our potty. It's just the way the house happens to be laid out. Well, Emory insisted on the door being closed while she went tee-tee. I asked her why and her reply was, "I don't want the people on the TV to see me naked." I guess all those modesty talks have been taken to heart as well.