Wednesday, June 2, 2010

terribly productive.....

.... My friends, I have no idea how it happened, but I have been terribly productive today and it is only 9:43am.  So far today, I have gotten up, fed the children, dressed the children (Emory's hair is even combed!), and went to the store.  I've fallen hook, line, and sinker for Publix and it only took 5 days.  That's quite a fall.  By 8:15am, I had pulled out a wee bit of extra cash for the week to jump-start my stockpile-o-savings and was selecting the cleanest "car cart" with buckles that actually work.  Turns out, unlike Walmart, Publix believes in taking care of their buggies.

I spent $53.81 and saved $48.45.  Not bad.  We are stocked up on soup, granola bars, juice boxes, and swimmie diapers.  My favorite buys from today are the Del Monte fruit chillers (pack of 8, I think) that I nabbed for $.49 each, the Kid Cuisines I got for $1.20 each, and the swimmie diapers I scored for a sweet $5.  The gal at the service counter remembered my kids' names (always earns brownie points with me) and there is a precious, and I do mean precious, older black gentleman (think he's a bagger?) who followed me out to the car to tease me a little.  That ranks him pretty high in my book.

So, now the wee one is in his bed, the big one is playing outside, I have nothing left on my to-do list today except play with my children.... so, I think I will get to it and go play "Publix" with Emory. 

And, guess where you'll be finding me about 8am each Wednesday? 

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greatishisfaithfulness said...

You can find me rolling out of bed at 8 am each Wednesday :)