Wednesday, December 26, 2007

taking thoughts captive

I was humbled today by one of my daughter's toys. Yes, you read that correctly. Here's how it happened. For weeks I have been growing increasingly irritated with the drivers who are rude, impatient, and not paying attention while I was out Christmas shopping. It really irritates me to be honked at, especially if it is because I am taking my time. I have precious cargo in my car and I am not about to put her life in danger just because the idiot behind me is in a hurry! So, I have been thinking some rather ugly thoughts lately because in the holiday rush I have been honked at a lot. Or so I thought... it was actually the steering wheel that Emory plays with in the car that has a horn that beeps. It had gotten lodged under the passenger side front seat and was muffled just enough to sound like it was coming from outside. How did I discover this? Pulling into my driveway I was honked at, and there were no cars on my street! I guess that every so often it was shifting just enough to go off. I'm off to finish my rather large serving of crow for lunch.

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