Monday, December 10, 2007

before my very eyes

My little girl is growing up! How does this happen? While I admit that the sleeping through the night and eating 3 regular meals a day is nice, it makes me sad to think that kindergarten might get here before I am ready for it. What has caused this moment of reflection, you might ask? My daughter pointed out the window while we were in the car Friday night and said, "Boon." That's right, folks. For the very first time my daughter initiated a "conversation". And there were actually balloons right outside her window. Once Mama was able to speak, Emory was praised to the moon and back. And today during lunch, she came out of her room with a toy horse in hand and said, "Nay." She's so smart.


Philip and Renie said...

Maybe Emory can teach Philip that "Boon" is not the "moon" but is actually a closer pronunciation for "balloon."

rwilliford said...

You are a hoot!