Thursday, December 23, 2010

what i done today...

.... made an apple pie, a pecan pie, a whiskey hard sauce for said pies, prepped the twice-baked potatoes, prepped the green bean casserole, made the potato salad, researched a killer recipe for the beef tenderloin we'll be having, worked out, colored with the babes, swept the back patio, washed and changed sheets on all 3 beds, fed the children 3 full meals, vacuumed the house, laundered and put away folded towels, played outside with the littles, went on a magical adventure to a desert complete with drinking a magic potion to turn us all into monkeys (somehow necessary for our trip to the desert on my bed), welcomed my baby brother into town, helped consume a Zaxby's family pack for dinner (and there are still leftovers!), made hot chocolate, took jammied kiddos on a ride to look at Christmas lights, showered, blow-dryed my hair (!), put babies to bed on time (complete with rocking, singing, stories, and cuddling), double checked "Santa" presents for any neccesary assembly and/or batteries before 11pm tomorrow night, and blogged.  WHEW!

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