Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a lie!

It's a dadblame, bold-faced lie, yet everyone of us believes it every single day. What lie? This lie: "Everyone but me has it all together." Now this lie actually comes is several forms... "Everyone else's child obeys the first time every time." "No on else's house ever looks as nasty dirty as mine." "No one else has this much trouble getting out the door on time." "I'll bet no other couple has the same two arguments over and over." and my personal favorite "I'm the only woman who is not back to pre-prego weight before 6 weeks."

What a sneaky little trick that Satan plays on us. He has everyone of us believing that we are the worst wife, mother, homemaker, friend, what have you. The reality of it is this... we ALL struggle with sin. Yet, we believe the devil, or ourselves, when our heart whispers, "It's just you." And why is this lie so stinkin' dangerous? Because it leaves us believing we must hitch up our belts once more and get crackin' at being a better person so that we can measure up to some arbitrary standard that we created.

This lie does not encourage us to run to the cross, to run to Jesus when we see our lack of measuring up. It keeps us convinced that we are responsible for ourselves. In reality, we are so incredibly helpless that we are not to be left to ourselves. Which is why we have been adopted by a heavenly Father, bought by the blood of His only Son, and given the gift of the Helper.

There is no lack of wisdom in our comparison to sheep in Scripture. Dearest says that all sheep are good for is to run and poop. They lack any ability to learn anything, they constantly get themselves into situations that they are helpless to get out of, and they naturally distrust anyone and anything. Which is why they are the only animal that needs constant supervision through a shepherd.

Quit believing the lie. Trust your shepherd. And call me when you think you're the only one who can't get it together. Chances are, it's been days since I've showered.

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