Thursday, October 29, 2009

top ten...

.... things i love about being a momma:

10. the fab dark circles under each eye
9. getting to pick out adorable outfits for 2 of the cutest kiddos
8. that early morning smooch from the big girl before she is wisked away by her daddy
7. seeing reflections of myself in other beings
6. the look of adoration from the baby boy as he eats
5. the feel of sticky fingers on my face trying to get my attention
4. the late night feedings when I really get the baby all to myself
3. the way the baby thinks everything I do is totally awesome
2. watching the big girl discover the world around her
1. hearing young voices call for "Mommy!" and realizing they are talking to me!

1 comment:

Wright Family said...

what size turkey would she wear? you made a donation so I would LOVE to send you a turkey:)