Monday, August 10, 2009

for the love...

After much waffling and debating on my part, we have an induction date: this Thursday, August 13th. Although I am beginning to get a little anxious over the idea of meeting the demands of a two-year-old and a newborn, I am ready to be done with this pregnancy. I think I'd have a million kids if it weren't for this pregnancy deal. But anyhoo, mom is finally here and we are anxious to meet this little boy. Emory thinks he will have "yellow hair" like her. I hope so, since she is pretty stinkin' cute.

Bear with us, we'll try to get photos up quickly, but neither one of us are picture people. We take 'em but forget to get them off the camera. Here's to the wonders of modern medicine that can command your body to give birth!

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"Max Whale" said...

You'll do fine--Miles was also an induction baby like Max.... this time was a bit better (different easi-cath)and he came so dang fast that it wasn't that long that to endure.... Congrats and good luck!!