Monday, January 3, 2011

Warning: this post will contain a bit of mush.

... now I am not a mushy gal.  Not in the least sentimental.  The sentimental one is my husband.  However, I am not heartless, and occasionally my heart is touched, deeply, by random things.  I once cried over the fact that my husband remembered cheese puffs versus cheese curls when he packed me a lunch on a busy Saturday afternoon during Kid's Market season.  Granted, I was about 8 weeks pregnant, but my point is, completely random things make me feel sentimental.

Tonight we took down the tree and holiday trimmings in order to make room for all the baby gear that Ethan needs to get accustomed to not being allowed to touch.  Two months practice should do it.  Anyhow, I was working the kitchen while Eric was taking the ornaments off the tree and it reminded me of the time we were dating and I could not find the time to get my Christmas tree down.  I was working and in school, both full time, and I was a bit stressed that this tree would still be in my apartment mid-March.

Well, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue.  I arrived home after a very full day to an empty tree stand sitting on my dining room table.  Well, it was devoid of a tree, but had been filled with tulips, my favorite flower.  Touching, isn't it?  There is even a picture of it somewhere in a drawer.

Tonight my valiant man has, without a word of complaint or a moment's hesitation, taken down a tree, put half the kids to bed, unloaded the dishwasher, and is just now relaxing in his chair.  What a guy.

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Jenee said...

Awesome! You are right, it all in the little things!

Way to go Eric!

FYI Once Ethan sees that swing moving with little kicking feet at the end there isn't any amount of time and preparation that will keep his curiousity away. It's a good idea in theory though! Keeping Kaitlyn away from Ty in his swing is still a struggle. She loves to swing with him swaying back and forth! Good luck though. Fun times ahead :) LOL from experience!