Thursday, January 13, 2011

17 month stats

(almost) a big brother!

- now sits in a big boy chair at the table
- refuses to eat supper unless he has the same utensils the rest of us are using
- can adeptly use a fork and spoon
- loves olives, apples, and yogurt
- has a vocabulary of about 50 words and phrases, with my favorite being "mam, mam" (yes ma'am), "here a go" (here you go), "nigh nigh" (night night), and "tiss?" (kiss?)
- does not appreciate any delay in being gotten from his crib upon awakening
- still takes a substantial morning nap, great afternoon nap, and is finally sleeping through the night!
- has not yet figured how to climb out of his crib (HALLELUJAH!)
- sleeps with 2 pacis - a feeler and a sucker
- prefers his daddy
- can kick a ball better than he can throw, but is pretty darn good at both
- loves his sissy unless he's busy
- thinks the dogs are the best thing to play with
- is more socially aware than his sister was and already knows the names of most of our friends without prompting
- will not get out of the bath tub without a fight unless you promise to sing "Rock-a-bye, baby" while he's wrapped in his towel
- can brush his own teeth
- can't stand to be left out of anything
- loves to go bye-bye
- will not watch a video unless we are in the car

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