Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sarah's top ten....

Here is my top ten reasons for why I love Thursdays...

10. There are usually leftovers in the fridge, so I don't have to cook supper.
9. We are one day closer to the weekend.
8. I've usually gotten the bathroom and kitchen clean by now, so the house feels clean.
7. The laundry I did on Monday has a good chance of making it back into the drawers today.
6. It's the day I vacuum and I love the instant gratification cleaning the floors brings.
5. The litter gets changed on Tuesdays, so the bathroom won't stink for another 2 days.
4. The Office! Need I say more?
3. Since Eric has music team practice, it is the first day of the week I actually have a chance to get in bed by 9:00.
2. It's Emory's preschool day, so I get to listen to John Mayer while I put up the clean clothes.
1. They feed Emory at school, so I get to indulge in a toddler free lunch!

1 comment:

Grace Kajdos said...

That sounds like a very wonderful, acomplished & gratifying day! I cannot believe you have a schedule for cleaning. I guess if you did not, it would not get done. Like at my house!