Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My adorable kid...

Is so much fun now that's she's letting on what is going on inside that 'ole noggin of hers. For instance, this morning when I got her out of bed I told her she smelled really good (she got a "real" bath last night). She smiled and said, "It's because I smell like jelly beans." I think her logic is so two-year-old terrific.

And I wasn't prepared for how proud I would feel when my kid clapped for me when I went potty. If you've ever potty-trained a child you know what I'm talking about. Bodily functions are a regular party around here.

And it completely melts my heart when she asks my good friend, Aimee (who had incredibly major knee surgery 10 weeks ago and is still in a brace), if her knee is feeling any better all the while very gently patting Aimee's knee.

Then there's the times she lifts my shirt and says "Hello baby sister." I think in some ways she already loves him or her. And the fact that she talks into my belly button so that the baby can be sure to hear her really cracks me up.

I have to say it is too terribly true. Almost everything your own child does is the most amazing and adorable thing you've ever seen. And, sad to say, another child can do the exact same things as mine, but it never measures up to the adorable quotient quite like it does if it is Emory who is performing. So, you're probably not terribly moved by this post unless you're an Aunt Grace or a Gigi. But, I don't care :). It's my blog, she's my kid, and she's ADORABLE!


The Whelans said...

She IS adorable! She already sounds so grown up. Glad you are on a stretch of feeling well...maybe it will last! To be feeling yucky, you sound incredibly organized. How do you have your chores divvied up during the week--what's your daily system? I'm always looking for the next best thing in organization!

Grace Kajdos said...

I love it!!!! That really cracks me up that she talks to your belly button!! I miss that little angel!