Thursday, February 9, 2012

the sippycup chronicles...

.... I am so thinking of changing the title of this blog again.  By my absence, you can guess how busy we have been around here.  Life with 3 non-school age children underfoot is busy to say the least. Add to that, a wee bit of kindergarten homeschooling and no mother's day out budget and my world revolves around whose sippy cup needs refilling.  But, truth be told, I'm loving it.

Ella Bella Ding Dong was 11 months old today.  I didn't realize it until after dinner and happened to glance at the school calendar that we forgot to do today.  What does it say about me that I routinely go the entire day without knowing the date?  Anyhoo, the kids are flourishing, and that makes my heart full.  We've unloaded some furniture since we keep adding humans to the abode.  So, space is at a premium. 

I went to ease Emory out of my way as I was clearing dinner dishes and she thought she was getting a hug so she leaned in.  I didn't correct her.  I'm glad that she is so used to getting hugs that she assumes that is what I am doing if I touch her. 

Ethan is our most likely to say thank you.  I've seriously never met such a grateful two-year-old.  I never wanted a boy, but I am so glad God (in His infinite wisdom) knew better what I needed and gave us our E-bug.  Still loving his paci, with no steps taken yet towards kicking the habit, he is officially potty trained and sleeping in a big boy bed.  And, he still has a month to go before he's officially 2 and 1/2.  I think being a younger sibling stimulates his desire to "be a big boy" because none of these milestones have been our idea.  The kid literally potty-trained himself.  It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Emory is a book worm and can usually be found with a book in hand.  She is sometimes successful in convincing her brother to let her read to him, and when she's not, she reads book after book on the couch.  Today she was having some serious difficulty opening the van door.  I couldn't see her from where I was on the other side and I couldn't step away to help her because I was buckling the baby in.  When she was finally able to get the door open I could see what the problem was... she had a book in hand and was attempting to open the door while reading.

The youngest in the nest is such a ham.  We love this baby!  Always ready with a smile, is a bottomless pit at mealtimes, and can smell an open bathroom door from clear across the house.... Ella Bean is a 21 pound party animal.  That kid loves to play in the toilet!  We haven't done anything more than pull her away and wash her hands when she's been able to satiate her whim for potty splashing, but she cries as though her heart has been broken when you interrupt her water play. 

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