Friday, July 2, 2010

the day the planets aligned...

Today was one of those days.  The good kind.  I "slept in", which really means I ignored the pleas of my children to get out of bed and get them something to drink until 7am.  There weren't really pleas, just repeated whispers.  After a fun breakfast of yogurt that was still frosty from having been frozen in the deep freezer ("Mom's giving us ice cream for breakfast!"), everyone had clothes on and teeth brushed by 8:30.  A record.  Then, it was a quick nap for the bubba, while Emory and I prepared ahead most of lunch for our friends who were coming at 11am.  At 10:00 I woke the baby, loaded everyone into the car, and Emory got a big girl haircut.  We got home, and since everyone else was running behind, I had half an hour for the big girl to indulge in some brain mushing cartoons while I got to play with the baby.  Alone.  For half an hour.  Huge.

Our friends arrived and we visited and ate amongst the chaos of feeding and tending to a collective group of 5 children (3 of them under 1 year), and then we headed outside to burn off some energy.  After everyone left, my children went down for long naps with no resistance, I got the house restored in a whopping 15 minutes, indulged in reading and a little chatting with a friend.  After the naps were over, everyone snacked eagerly, and allowed themselves to be loaded up again for a run for new sneakers for the big kid, a bank visit, and a Publix stop.  Dinner was hot dogs, chips, and fruit.... and the big girl asked for seconds!  Since she regularly survives on air, I was happy to oblige. 

No one needed baths, so it was a family dance party before donning pj's, brushing teeth, and hitting the 'ole sack.  I snuck back into the first one's room to "sneak a song" and just cuddle.  By 9pm, I was in my pj's with a cup of tea and The Help while the dearest watched soccer.  And now, at 10pm, I am blogging about a good day and about to retire to a bed with clean sheets.  Oh Happy Day!

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