Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a good afternoon...

... that's what is a-happenin' around here at the moment.  Daddy is home for the afternoon because some bad storms last night took out the power of most of our city.  We have power here at the house, however, so said Daddy is watching cartoons with the big girl while the two littles nap.  Ethan's running a fever, probably because we have Ella Margaret's baptism scheduled for this Sunday.  Most of the family is expected and my children like to get sick right before we have guests just to make things interesting.  Will we are will we not have to cancel our plans and tell everyone to sty home?  This is why I don't watch Lifetime; I've got enough drama in my own little corner here.

The upside to the fever is that he's responding very well to a Tylenol/Motrin cocktail (totally used to mock moms who did that!) and he's taking a super-long nap.  SCORE!  And so is the baby, who we've discovered sleeps soooo much better sans paci.  The only sad part to that is she has to cry a bit before drifting off to sleepy town, but she stays asleep longer and has seemed generally better rested, so it's worth it.  I have never really gotten used to hearing my babies cry, and I let EM cry even less than I did the other two probably because I feel so sorry for the chaos her life will be given her birth order.  She gets held so much more just to keep her happy.  I'm such a sucker.  Actually, I prefer to think of it as learning as I go and knowing she won't be a baby like this for long at all.  Too soon she'll be as big as Ethan  and screaming at me, "I do it!"  when I try to open her yogurt for her, or she'll be another Emory and begging me relentlessly for worksheets to practice writing her letters.

For now, I've got a super cool big kid to go cuddle with, two sleeping babies, a cup of "Energy" green tea, and my house is the perfect temperature.  This can only be achieved in the warmer months with the aid of a fan.  And, it only lasts from early afternoon until dusk.  I'm off to enjoy it while I can!

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