Thursday, April 14, 2011

Works for me Wednesday...

.... Ok, so this is a day late.  But remember, I live in the land of newborn right now, so the fact that I've had a shower and have not cried today is a huge feat.  But, I just remember something I did before Ella Margaret arrived, in preparation for my stay in the land of newborn.  Are you ready?  It's pure genius, I tell you.

Around here, I often misjudge how "into" a certain fruit my kids are.  I will buy strawberries and they will eat them as though they are the secret of the universe elixir.  So, I will buy them for a second week in a row and my children will snub them as though strawberries are for, you know, common folk.  Not royalty, like my children.  So, here I'll have a plethora of strawberries because, of course, I bought them at Sam's. 

This was causing my frugal husband to develop a rather vicious eye twitch, so I needed a plan.  That's when I happened upon an idea that was really my daughter's in a round-about way.  If my children are snubbing the current week's produce selection, I just freeze it and use it later for smoothies.  I slice it before hand.  I have done strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and bananas this way.  Just remember to slice it first.  Otherwise, it will reek havoc on your blender.  When I slice the fruit, I place it on top of wax paper on a cookie sheet so it doesn't all stick together in one big lump.  Then, after it is frozen, I transfer it to a tupperware container.  It's just a preference, I don't do plastic baggies very often, but I'm sure it would work.

Our favorite smoothie is a half cup each of two different fruits and a cup of any kind of fruit juice that you prefer.  Since the fruit is frozen there is no need to use ice to make it slushy.  Sometimes I cut the juice down to a half cup and add in a half cup of yogurt.  This makes enough for 2 kiddo size smoothies and a small smoothie for the mama too.


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