Friday, July 15, 2011

soccer mom...

.... Emory has found her athletic niche.  After trying our hands, or rather feet, at ballet, tap, gymnastics, and swim I think we've settled on what may be this girl's calling... athletically speaking.  She comes by it naturally.  Daddy was a soccer super star, even landing himself a scholarship to Belhaven, which he turned down for the promised land of Mississippi State.

I have to admit to being a little surprised.  We enrolled her in this week-long soccer camp to give her an introduction to the sport.  I thought fo' sure we'd discover that she hated it.  NOPE!  Just shows ya what do I know?  I'll even admit it felt really natural to pull up to the soccer field and watch her do her thing each day this week.

Her scrimmage team for the week.

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Olivia said...

She's too cute in her soccer get-up! That's neat when you find something they're good at and really enjoy. And yes, sometimes it's pretty surprising!