Monday, September 8, 2008


And there's no one to blame but me! How in the world did I get so busy?

Take a look at this week's to do list:
1. Remind Eric of haircut appt.
2. Finish ironing (this has been on the list for the past THREE WEEKS!)
3. Clean out the car.
4. Put together binders for Bible study.
5. Study Sunday school lesson.
6. Clean bathroom.
7. Vacuum.
8. Finish tagging toys for kid's market.
9. Get MY haircut.
10. Find someone to take peach juice that Emory believes is officially "of the devil" before the darn thing expires. (any takers?)
11. Make sure the bank balance retains it's positive status.
12. Talk to Robin BEFORE baby boy gets here (I miss you!).
13. Yell at AT&T for changing our phone plan, AGAIN!
14. Remember sombreroes for fiesta and arrange to "forget" them there.
15. Take tablecloths back to church before the next formal function.
16. Sleep.
17. Eat.
!8. Be a good friend.
19. Be a good wife.
20. Be a decent mother. (hey! something's gotta give!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do the next thing...

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rwilliford said...

Hey! I have a new baby plan. Call me sometime!