Saturday, September 27, 2008

the perfect Saturday...

Of course, the perfect Saturday only occurs during football season! Emory and her daddy went for a date this morning. Since she and I just got back from being gone for a week to Bay St. Louis to stay with our friends the Stevens and help out with new baby Nathan, daddy needed some time alone with his baby girl and mommy just needed some time alone. So, Eric and Emory headed out this morning to get a donut and play at the park while mommy stayed home, drank coffee, and watched the season premier of Grey's Anatomy that daddy taped for me while we were gone.

While at the park, daddy and Emory crashed a birthday party. A client of Eric's has a son Emory's age. One of the invited guests didn't show, so they invited Emory to take his place. Imagine my surprise when they came home with a goodie bag! After the impromptu party, they come home to pick me up and we headed out for some family togetherness.

After an outdoor lunch at Sonic, we headed over to Oak Mountain to play at the farm. Emory loved the petting zoo and was not one bit afraid of any of the animals. She even sustained a nibble from an over-eager donkey that smarted a bit and drew blood. Once her tears were dried, she was ready to get back to it. There were pigs, goats, horses, and even a cow. Emory fed them all. I think it was particularly exciting to her that the feed was dried corn. Corn is one of her favorite vegetables and she's been known to put away more than one ear at dinner time. She kept clapping and exclaiming, "I feed the cow corn!"

Since we've just recently re-acquired a camera, we forgot ours. We're out of the habit! It's a cryin' shame, because it is such a beautiful day and there were plenty of photo opportunities. We'll be sure to remember the camera when we go to the Atlanta aquarium on Monday. Daddy took a couple of days off and we are going to spend them playing together as a family and doing all the things we never got around to during the summer.

Now it's naptime. Daddy is watching the Ole Miss vs. Florida game to get him ready for tonight's MSU vs. LSU game. He's got to get his football watching skills all warmed up and ready to cheer State to victory tonight. After naptime, we'll play in the front yard and let Emory re-discover all her pet rocks. The girl's got a fetish for sure. She kept sharing her rocks with the animals at the farm today. For dinner tonight, it's mac 'n cheese with bacon and hot dogs, and maybe a popsicle in the front yard. Like I said, it's the perfect Saturday... at least for a toddler.

Coming soon I'll post some pictures from our trip to BSL and tell you all about it. Emory is not a great car traveller. Our trip home was rough, to say the least. She didn't sleep well while we were gone and that did not help her mood in the car at all. And, she doesn't nap in the car, so there was much discontent, to put it mildly. I felt so bad for her when we finally arrived home that we gave her the option of what to do for dinner. When asked what she wanted to do for dinner, eat at home or go out to eat, she emphatically requested, "I see Wilson!" So, our friends Wilson and Sydney Raines met us at Purple Onion for a grilled cheese and some fun playing chase around the fountain. SR and W brought their parents along to keep Eric and I company while the kids played. Emory was ecsatic to see her buddies. I think we had to pry her off of her Uncle Felder and Miss Aimee. It's interesting that they represent home to her. It's nice to have friends your kids enjoy too.

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