Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have so many wonderful pictures to share with you all, but I am having trouble figuring out my new camera's software. It is not terribly user friendly. I'm just one step away from just uploading the whole kit 'n kaboodle onto Snapfish or Shutterfly and just being done with it already! These are great pictures and they've been begging me to share them with you. There's everything from baby's first fun dip, our trip to the aquarium, the pumpkin patch adventure, and then there's something hysterical that I caught her doing and was even lucky enough to get it on camera. That never happens! And, you'll just have to keep coming back to find out what it was.

The household is still asleep, but due up any minute, so my time to delve into the picture problem is limited. Since I am finally caught up on the 15 loads of laundry that I've done in the last 2 days (no, I am not exaggerating, we stored winter clothes in an outside shed that we thought was weather proof... it was not) I can devote some of naptime to my dilemma today.

On another side note.... if you are keeping up with Emory's birthday ticker then you know we are flirting with the idea of actually having a 2 year old soon! I can not believe that girl is already two! We've got tons of fun stuff planned for her birthday, but first I must survive an 8 day trip to Michigan that begins this Saturday at 6:00am. Oh, and did I mention, we're taking my mother-in-law? Heh, heh... bartender, brting me 'nother!

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Philip and Renie said...

Can you go to My Computer and click the camera driver to open pictures? The camera has to be on to do that and connected with a USB driver. Try that.

Signed, your nerdy friend