Thursday, October 9, 2008

the punkin patch!

Our arrival. I never could get both kids to look at the camera at the same time. this was the closest I could come to a cozy, fall pumpkin patch picture.

Playing in the sand and waiting for our buds to arrive.

The ginormous slides that both kids were TERRIFIED of. Go figure.

Before the kids decided they were terrified of the slides, they were nearly coming out of their skin to go for a ride. Here our pumpkin patch hero, Uncle Felder, is running with all 4 kids to the slides.

On a hayride to pick our pumpkins!

This is how Jackson claimed his pumpkin.

And Emory FINALLY picked hers.

The following 2 pictures is the sequence of what happens when you finally get 6 kids under 5 to pose for a group photo. (L to R) Emory, Sydney Raines, Wilson, Jackson, Knox, and Johnson is the one in the back.

Did those kids ever scatter fast! Jackson was the first one out of there and Emory just looks confused.

Best buds. (Doesn't SR look beautiful?)

Just another shot of that great smile.

And just to let you in on who's who. Johnson and Knox are the boys of some college friends of Eric, Aimee and Felder. Sydney Raines and Wilson are Aimee and Felder's kids. Aimee and Felder are the Skocelai's best buds and the true master minds behind the whole Skocelai beginning (They set us up in a very sneaky way.). Emory is the spawn of the Skocelai and Jackson is our bud who was with us while his momma and daddy (Keith and Jennifer) were vacationing before Jackson officially becomes a big brother. We claim everyone as family and we had a blast with our buds at the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch.

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