Wednesday, October 29, 2008

because Renie shamed me publically last night...

... about being so slow to get the Michigan pictures up. Here they are!

The first series are shots of Emory playing at the same city park that Eric used to play on as a kid on his visits to Michigan. He got rather nostaglic and tried his darndest to make me see the beauty of her playing on the same equipment he did at her age. However, seeing as how we live in the city I was raised in and we worship in the same church I worshipped in at her age... it was completely lost on me :).

Here is a couple of Emory with Uncle Sonny (brother of Eric's dad). Emory and Uncle Sonny were fast friends.

Two old men napping after a morning of fishing.

The Skocelai.

Emory with her magnadoodle. The best 3 bucks I've ever spent.

A little bit of the fall beauty.

An early birthday celebration for Emory with all the Skocelas clan. This was no small feat since Eric's dad, Ben, is one of 11 children. There are only 8 still living, but it still makes for a crowd. Emory was so excited since this celebration was surprise for her (and me too!).

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Philip and Renie said...

Beautiful memories! Love the picture of the family by the falls. And now, when you "google" Renie this post will pop up for all the world to see. Just feeding my ego this afternoon!