Tuesday, February 15, 2011

at this very moment....

.... we have 2 children running fevers, one with a cough and one with a rash and sore throat.  Hmmm... I'm still opting to sit on it and give it a day or two before shelling out $60 in co-pays just be told the babes have a virus.  So, we've dosed up on Tylenol which seems to be doing the trick.  That, and Mom broke out the special juice reserved for sick kiddos - Kool-Aid!  Rashes and coughs are still with us, but everyone's spirits are lifted.  The weather is in the 60's today, so we've trucked outside, jackets over jammies, to play.  Kids are beside themselves with joy.  The game of choice is "feeding the goats", which amounts to both children pushing pebbles through the fence to our dogs.  That, and cooking up a mean witch's brew in our wading pool that has been left to acumulate water from snow and rain in the past week.  Gotta love a good imagination!

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